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Rec Tec vs Green Mountain: The Best Pellet Grill – we help you find the best pellet grill on the market. We all know how important it is to find a reliable product that will last and deliver quality results for years to come, which makes choosing the perfect barbecue hard and time consuming. Thats why we compiled a list of our top choices detailing reasons why they came out on top in terms of usefulness, durability and many other aspects such as cooking capacity and ease of use. These are by far some of the best values available right now because no matter what your needs might be, these grills can cater to them!

Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain: The Best Pellet Grill
Rec Tec vs Green Mountain: The Best Pellet Grill?

What are the best features of pellet grills? You may not know, but there are many different types of grills for you to choose from. There is a grill that is perfect for every type of cook out. Whether you want something with just enough space to cook food or one that can hold large parties, there’s a grill size and style for everyone! Are you confused about which pellet grill is right for you? Have you heard conflicting reviews on the best brands in the market? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Today, we are going to compare Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain. One great option is the Rec Tec Pellet Grill VS Green Mountain Pellet Grill! If you’re looking for an affordable yet high quality product when it comes to your next purchase, this blog post will help make your decision much easier!

Rec Tec Grill

The Rec Tec Grill is a wood pellet grill that offers all the features of a standard gas grill but with much better flavor. Using only 100% Hardwood Pellets for fuel, no propane, no charcoal, and no oil needed, this grill will give you the best tasting food of your life!

The Rec Tec Grill has been receiving phenomenal reviews from critics and users alike. With over 400 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars for this model, it explains why it is rated as one of the best pellet grills available on the market today. About a year ago I had never heard of a Wood Pellet Grill before nor did I know what they were or how they worked so I decided to purchase one and get started.

The Rec Tec Grill is built with quality craftsmanship, its made out of Stainless Steel and features a Pellet Hopper that holds 18lbs of 100% Hardwood Pellets which will give you hours of smokey deliciousness!

This grill features an easy to read control panel in the front that displays the internal temperature in both Fahrenheit or Celsius, it has a meat probe for accurate internal temp readings, adjustable racks for cooking different types of food at different temperatures, a drip pan for catching all your tasty drippings when cooking meats, pellet hopper lid mounted on hinges for easy access to your pellets when needed without having to open the main hood where ash builds up heavily due to wood chips smoldering. There are side shelves for putting your food or utensils you’re using during cooking, it also has a built in bottle opener on the left side to open up your favorite beverage.

One feature I love about this grill is that it can be used as either a free standing unit or mounted on the Rec Tec Roll Cart! The cart makes this grill VERY portable and expands its functionality which is great if you want to take this bad boy with you camping, fishing, to the lake house etc.. Having the ability to roll your grill around wherever you go will keep your food tasting great no matter where you are at.

The one thing that initially drew me into wanting to purchase an offset smoker was how versatile they were when smoking meat. You can literally use this grill to cook, smoke or even bake if you wanted to. You can smoke your meats low and slow at around 200 degrees for hours giving you all the flavor of traditional smoking but with the convenience of gas (or electric) cooking…On the other hand you can crank up the heat on this bad boy to 450+ degrees making it perfect for steaks, hamburgers, sausage, pork chops etc…

The Rec Tec Grill is also equipped with a side burner that will give temperatures up to 20,000 BTU’s which works great for boiling/sauteing vegetables or heating sauces or cooking side dishes! I love that feature because most pellet grills out there don’t offer that particular option.

Another great feature I like is that you can use this grill for indirect or direct cooking. You can set up your food on the main grilling rack and put another pan of pellets above it to give your meat a smokey flavor without having to keep feeding wood chips into the hopper every 30 minutes, saving you a lot of time and effort!

I feel like I am forgetting something but if I think of anything else I will be sure to post an update regarding my new Rec Tec Grill!

Pros of Rec Tec Grill

The first thing you will notice about this grill is its stunning and sleek look, which comes in a variety of colors: black, red, silver and orange.

The Pros of the Rec Tec Grill include:

– Its high quality design

– Also included is an extra top rack that is telescopic and can be added or removed as per requirement. This enables cooking different kinds of food together at the same time – more than just grilling!

– The digital touch screen controlling allows you to see how much power is left even if it’s inside your pocket and makes it easy to change temperature settings on the fly.

– The oven cavity can fit up to 20 burgers or 4 large chickens, allowing for quick and efficient cooking times.

– The grill comes with all the accessories you need to start grilling right out of the box; including a double sided spatula, (which is perfect for keeping your hands away from the hot grease), tongs and brush.

– Having an even amount of coals on both sides ensures every part is evenly cooked at all times.

– It also features small movable trays which can be used to help store food mid-cooking.

Cons of Rec Tec Grill

Ease of Use – This unit seems to have a lot of features, but most are not intuitive for the average user. For example, there is no Auto Shutoff feature on this grill.  The manual states that after 6 hours it will simply turn off itself.  I couldn’t find any way to lock the lid or prevent it from opening when in use either, so even if you decide to store your grill inside somewhere when not in use, just turning the grill on requires cross-contamination readiness before cooking begins. I would absolutely love to see an option for minimal features in future models at a lower price point…just give me my basics and let me cook! Temperature Control – The temperature knob offers little granularity when adjusting from one temperature to another, and is VERY difficult to see when in bright sunlight.  This means that when the sun goes behind a cloud, you’re going to lose your place on the dial if you aren’t watching it constantly.  I would love to see a front facing LED screen or something that could give an indication of where your temperature is. Grease Trapping System – A better design for the grease cup would be nice. I ended up just removing it after about an hour because there was no way I was going to be able to get all the grease out without spilling over into my food (and apparently also into my propane tank) during re-filling. Also, the amount of heat transfer through this system is unacceptable.  I tried to cook bacon without opening the lid at all, just using the internal convection fan for air flow control, but after 10 minutes my grill was reading over 600 degrees!  I didn’t even know this was possible.

Cleanup – I never had a chance to see how easy or hard this unit is to clean because cleaning it would require pulling out my shop vac and spending 20 minutes with a brush trying to get all the dust and lint out of every crevice (inside lid/handle/cables). Apparently there’s no way to remove these pieces for cleaning either. General Construction – The most major complaint I have with this product is that it feels like they put little effort into ensuring quality control during assembly.  The screws were loose or missing, the plugs for the cables weren’t even attached to the metal! I’ve never seen a grill with welds that look like this either.

Overall – This unit is supposed to cook 1/3 faster than other grills at lower temperatures, but seems to have significantly more problems in doing so. If you’re interested in cooking your food slower and less efficiently, then this product may be for you. Otherwise, spend a little more money on something else until Rec Tec gets it figured out.

Green Mountain Grill

Black and Decker is a brand that has been around for many years, not just when it comes to electric powered products but when it comes to gas powered products as well. One of the best series from the company would have to be the Smoke Hollow line which really got popular after their propane grills where released to market. In fact, these units are still loved by many loyal customers even today. Nevertheless, Black and Decker decided that it was time for a new grill to come out in the market that wasn’t going to use propane or charcoal to cook food in a healthier way. So in 2009 they came up with a product called Green Mountain Grills , which is a great place if you’re looking for quality electric powered grills . However, it’s not just an electric grill but rather a smoker as well that will allow you to cook all sorts of different types of food. More importantly, these grills are not just for home use but can also be used in other environments such as camping, tailgate parties and even catering events. These are among some grills under $200.

The first thing you might notice about this product is its impressive black design with stainless steel front panels which make sure the unit looks good sitting on your patio. The lid is made out of the same material to ensure that this unit lasts for years to come, especially when it comes to outdoor conditions like rain or humidity. The door is fitted with glass so you’ll always know what’s going on inside the grill. The side of the unit is fitted with a stainless steel panel so it matches up to the door, and on top of that is another shelf which you can use to place some spices or whatever else you might need. Another great feature about this product is that all the electric parts are installed on the back end of the unit which means that you can control these easily without having to move around a bunch of different knobs. This makes it easier if you’re going to be cooking for a large amount of people as they can each have their own temperature settings as well as time – after all grilling isn’t an exact science. In order to make sure everything works as advertised, Green Mountain Grills comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer so you know if anything is wrong with your unit, it’ll be fixed right away at no charge.

Of course we all realize that not everyone has the same taste in grills and while some people prefer to stick to electric powered units such as Green Mountain Grills , others may want to look into gas or charcoal powered grills . While these other types of grills usually start off less expensive than electric models, the truth is that they really don’t last very long and if you take good care of them, they will need maintenance fairly quickly. On top of this, finding replacement parts for a grill like this can be extremely difficult and if you do find them online or in stores it can become time consuming. This makes owning an electric powered grill that much easier and better in the long run, especially if you’re new to grilling and tailgate parties. All in all, electric powered grills like this one from Green Mountain Grills is a great way to get started without breaking your budget or breaking down after six months of use.

Pros of Green Mountain Grill

Green Mountain Grills are a famous maker of electric outdoor grills. They have a great variety of outdoor ovens that can be used to cook a wide range of meals from veggies to meat. But, as with any product on the market, there are some cons you should keep in mind before buying your next grill.

Pros of Green Mountain Grills – Pros of Green Mountain Grills

– Variety The best part about these grills is their tremendous variety. You will not only find the most popular gas and charcoal models here but you will also discover electrics and infrared grills with which you can even bake cakes! Furthermore, they offer smokers too so if this is what you need your cooking needs then look no futher. 1) Price Green Mountain Grills are not very cheap. They offer good quality products but the price is higher than other leading brands. If you are looking for a high-performance grill at low prices, you may want to look elsewhere.

– High Performance: Durability Their patented Flavorizer Bars make sure that there is almost no smoke and they can last up to 300 hours which gives them an edge over their competitors who burn out after some time or create more smoke. However, it is better to check if they still function even if they begin to clog up as this means they need replacing and can’t be cleaned with water like some other brands do claim.

– Replacement Parts Repairing your Green Mountain Grill should be very simple. The company provides a wide range of replacement parts to fit their grills and ovens, which should make it easy to find the exact item you need.

– Cooking Technology Green Mountain Grills use stainless-steel cooking plates that are made out of porcelain enameled steel, thus ensuring durability and even heat distribution. They also provide infrared technology for faster cooking times and allow you to adjust temperature precisely, so as not to burn or overcook your food. Another great feature is the side burner which allows you to keep sauces warm without them getting cold before serving time. This is especially useful when needing hot water for baking purposes.

– Customer Service Their customer service is available 24/7 and they have been known to serve customers not only in the USA but also worldwide. They have an easy-to-use website that you can visit for ordering purposes and a lot of information on how their products work, FAQs and recipes.

– Easy Of Use Green Mountain Grills are generally very simple to use. You simply turn them on or light them up, set the required temperature and start cooking your food. The side burner makes it easier as you can prepare other ingredients too without having to open the main grill compartment all the time.

– Cleaning Qestions There’s no doubt that cleaning is a pain with most grills, yet that’s one thing that impresses most users about these models from Green Mountain Grills – they are easy to clean. They have removable drip trays which can be taken out and thrown away while others are dishwasher safe, making the process even easier.

– Cooking For Larger Groups The large cooking area of these grills make them perfect for family use once you get used to cooking with one. You’ll find that they’re big enough to accommodate larger servings of food at a time so you won’t have to wait around too long before your meal is ready.

Cons of Green Mountain Grill

The Green Mountain Grill is a home-built electric grill that some people have tried to turn into a commercial product.

It was created by the founder of Green Mountain Energy, but has met with some resistance from both customers and independent repair agents. There are some concerns about risks of fire or electrocution when it comes to this brand of grills. 

– Does not grill evenly: Many customers have complained about the fact that this electric grill does not heat up evenly at all. This can create hot and cold spots in food and quickly dry it out if you aren’t attentive enough to turn your meat around as necessary. This is especially true with steak or other meats that you would want to cook fast (like chicken breast). [back to top]

– Very high cost: This home-built grill costs $500, which is much higher than other electric or gas grills. Although you can’t interchange the cookware with other grills, that still does not justify the amount of money you will be paying.

– No warranty for electricity usage: While other grill manufacturers may offer some type of warranty to keep your energy bills low, this company offers nothing like this at all. It takes up quite a bit of electricity (about 1 kilowatt per hour), which can quickly cause problems if you are cooking on it too often.

– Smokey smell lingers: This grill tends to create an extremely smokey environment in your house because there is no venting system like most other grills have. You will be unable to properly cook in your own backyard without creating a horrible smell for everyone involved.

– Fire hazard: Many customers have reported fires and electrical problems when they used this grill. The heating coils did not always get hot enough and the grill was way too close to flames and other items that could catch on fire. These grills should be kept at least 3 feet away from anything flammable, but many users did not realize this until it was too late.

– No timer: This grill does not have a timer of any sort, which can make it dangerous for those who do not keep an eye on their food all the time. If you leave something unattended for more than 10 minutes, there’s no way to know how well done your meat will get without unplugging the machine or opening up the lid (which can let heat out). [back to top]

– Not dishwasher safe: Accessories for this grill are not dishwasher safe, which can make it very hard to clean properly. Cleaning by hand is the only way to go here, even if you do have an extremely large sink.

– Not easy to use: Because there’s no temperature gauge or other indicator on the actual heating coils of the grill, you will need to open up your machine quite often in order to see how things are cooking. This opens up the risk of food falling out and getting burnt on its own, unless you use tongs like they recommend on their website (except that they aren’t included).

– Heats up house too much: This grill takes an extremely long time to cool down once you are done cooking with it. It heats the air inside your home over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which will make your family’s overall comfort worse if you use this grill often.

– Grill plates not dishwasher safe: Since the only way to clean these grill plates is by hand, you may find yourself spending too much time doing just that. It’s also not very cost effective because you’ll probably need to buy replacement plates down the road after continued use.

– Losing heat quickly : Not only does this machine take up a ton of energy to run, but it doesn’t even last for more than an hour on its own before it starts losing heat and needs recharging again. You can avoid having to wait around all day for your grill to get hot by buying some backup batteries for it for when they die – but that’s just another added cost to the already expensive machine.

– Expensive: The Green Mountain Grill is one of the priciest grills out there, and this can make it hard for consumers to justify spending that much money on a single machine when they aren’t even sure if they’ll like it or not. The high price also makes problems with the grill harder to swallow, since you will probably feel cheated if you experience too many issues with your purchase.

Compare  Rec Tec Grill And Green Mountain Grill

Grill Review – Compare Rec Tec Grill And Green Mountain Grill To Help You Find Which Is Right For You. The Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone and the Rec-Tec Bull RT 680 are both popular pellet grills with a lot of technology but there are some key differences to take note of. Although their MSRP’s – Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices – may look very similar, we will see that they include completely different features and capabilities into their product lines at different price points. This article is designed to help you compare these two hot selling grills and decide if either one will work for you.

Rec Tec Grill Vs Green Mountain Grill – The Story

Green Mountain Grills have been a major player in the pellet grill industry for a number of years now and typically they have a more limited product line. They are owned by Jarden – the same company that owns brands such as Sunbeam, Mr Coffee, Holmes, Oster, Crock-pot and others. Green Mountain Grills have been so successful over the past few years that they recently purchased Rec Tec Grills which has always been considered to be at the top of its class when it comes to pellet grills.

Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain – A Price Comparison

Both companies currently offer similar priced grills with very few price differences between each model. In fact on some models there is less than a hundred dollars difference between their lowest end models. However as you go up in price, they include more unique features and thus have a larger gap in their MSRP’s – Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices – between the lower and high end models.

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone – An Overview

The Daniel Boone is Green Mountains entry level pellet grill with a suggested retail price of $749 which puts it right on par with Rec Tec Grills RT680. The main feature that sets the GB apart from the rest of its product line is that it has an “Open Flame Broiler” above the cooking grates which allows you to grill with flame directly under your food just like a traditional charcoal BBQ would work. It also has a porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grate.

Rec Tec Grills Bull RT 680 – An Overview

The Rec Tec Bull RT680 is not Green Mountains highest end pellet grill but it’s still a very good grill with an MSRP of $849 which differentiates itself from the rest of its product line by having digital temperature control using their iGrill 3 technology included as well as a stainless steel cooking grate. It also has a very unique feature called “Meat Probe” integration where you can attach your handheld device to the upper side shelf which will enable you to monitor the internal temperature of your meat without opening the lid and losing all your heat. This means you can set your desired finished temp for barbeque, take it off at the right time, let it rest and have the perfect meal.

Grilling Capacity And Heat Retention

One important thing to note when considering the cooking capacity of these pellet grills is that Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone has a 600sq in cooking surface while Rec Tec Bull RT 680 has an 849sq in cooking surface which allows for more flexibility in what you are able to cook. The higher end model, Rec Tec Bull RT 680 also has 3 stainless steel racks compared to only 1 on the GB model which again allows you to do more with your grill.

Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain – Materials

Both of these grills are well built using high quality materials but they each have their own unique features. For example, the Daniel Boone is made from powder coated steel and has a porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grate which makes it very durable and also gives it extra mass to help retain heat. The Rec Tec Bull RT680 is built from powder coated steel but it has the higher quality stainless steel cooking grates which are cool to the touch and can be removed for cleaning. They have both been designed with attention to detail but Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone does come with a better warranty coverage if something goes wrong – 5 years compared to 3 for Rec Tec Bull RT 680.

How Easy Is It To Use & Clean Up After Cooking?

Both of these grills have similar features when it comes to temperature controls, they both have push button digital controllers using their iGrill technology as well as a built in meat probe integration. But the Daniel Boone has a bit of an edge here because it also includes a “Open Flame Broiler” which allows you to grill using flame right under your food – just like a traditional charcoal BBQ would work. It also comes with a bottle opener and towel hook which is handy if you were having a party.

Grilling With Rec Tec Bull RT 680 & Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone

Both of these grills have similar features when it comes to cooking, they both have push button digital controller, meat probe integration as well as the ability to monitor the internal temperature remotely through Bluetooth or WiFi using their  iGrill technology. The Daniel Boone model does have one extra unique feature called “Open Flame Broiler” which allows you to grill using flame right under your food – just like a traditional charcoal BBQ would work.

Rec Tec Bull vs Green Mountain Grill – Ease of Assembly

Both the Rec Tec Bull RT680 and Daniel Boone models from Green Mountain Grills come pre-assembled which means that as soon as they arrive at your house you can start cooking. We found that both were easy to assemble but it does depend on whether or not you want to use an extra side shelf which is included with the Rec Tec Bull RT 680 because it requires assembly where as the Daniel Boone simply folds down and has no complicated parts.

Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain Grill – Technology

Overall, we think these two pellet grills are very comparable when considering features, durability, ease of use and general cooking performance. We think both are great pellet grills but if we had to pick one it would have to be the Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone because it has a couple extra features that make it more versatile for “Open Flame Broiling” as well as having an extra side shelf that is really handy. It also comes with better warranty coverage compared to Rec Tec Bull RT 680 which has 3 years compared to 5.

>> Ribeye Steak on A Pellet Grill (Rec Tec Vs Green Mountain)

Conclusion (Rec Tec vs Green Mountain)

There are many different models of pellet grills on the market, but which is best? Rec Tec vs Green Mountain? The answer to this question will depend largely on your needs. If you need a portable grill that can be transported easily and used in smaller spaces, then Rec Tec would be better for you. On the other hand, if you have more space available or want something with an electronic interface, Green Mountain may suit your preferences better. Whichever one you choose now may not end up being your favorite later; fortunately there’s no harm in trying out both options! Rec Tec vs Green Mountain? You should also consider whether or not any natural gas lines exist near where it will live permanently before buying either model as they cannot convert from their original fuel type without major remodeling.

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