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Dynaglo and Nexgrill are both charcoal grills. Dyna Glo is a portable grill for outdoor cooking while Nexgrill is a tabletop grill. Which one do you think is best?

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill – Which One is the Best?
Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Which One is the Best?

A question that many people ask themselves is “which grill should I buy?” What should you consider when deciding which grill to buy? To decide, think about what you will be cooking on your grill most often: if you cook mostly chicken or fish then go for a smaller size because these types of foods cook better at lower temperatures. If you want to cook larger pieces of meat like turkey or brisket then choose a larger size so they won’t dry out

There are a lot of grills out there but the two most popular brands are Nexgrill and Dyna Glo. In this post, we’ll try to answer this question as best as possible so you can decide which one is right for you! 

This blog post will compare and contrast two grills: Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill. We’ll start by covering the basics of each grill, then talk about what makes them different, their pros and cons, and conclude with who we think should buy either one. Lastly, we’ll answer some FAQs to help you make your decision easier.

Dyna Glo Grills Overview

Dyna-Glo is a company that has been producing propane gas grill’s for over 60 years. The company was originally formed in 2002 when two companies, “Dyna-Glo Manufacturing” and “GrillPro Manufacturings”, merged together to form one corporation. Dyna Glo grills are available across the US but are most heavily distributed in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and other Southern states.

Each Dyna Glo grill comes with different features depending on its size and price range. Prices range from $395 to $1,400 while the size of each grill varies widely as well; some can cook up to 48 burgers at once while others only accommodate four steaks at a time. Despite this variety in features, each Dyna Glo grill shares most of the same user-friendly functions. All Dyna Glo grills are equipped with side tables, tool storage, built-in thermometers and porcelain coated steel components that are rust resistant.

Dyna Glo grills also have large cast iron cooking grids that are able to cook up to 20 burgers or four large steaks at once. Each grill comes with a unique three-year limited warranty but it only protects against manufacturer defects and does not include coverage for typical user damages such as weathering and rusting. Dyna Glo gas grills can be purchased at most wholesale retailers like Sams Club, Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Pros and cons of Dyna Glo

Pros of Dyna Glo

There are many pros to owning a wood heater like the Dyna Glo. This article will outline some of the benefits gained from one’s purchase.


The first pro is convenience. Wood heaters offer a simple solution for staying warm during the cold months without having to rely on an alternative energy source or other external heat sources. They are also portable, so if you have to go somewhere- whether it be for work or pleasure- you can take your heater with you and stay warm while away from home.

Low cost

The second pro is low cost. Wood heaters can be bought through many different outlets. Many sell them online while others sell them in stores or through other means. 


Wood heaters are usually made with high quality materials so they will last for years before needing replacement.


Wood heaters come with many different features so that you can get the heater that best suits your needs and preferences.


The fifth pro is availability. Wood heaters are sold in many places so if you can’t find one locally, you can always buy one online.


Wood heaters come with many safety features, such as (but not limited to) exhaust fans and insulation panels that make them more efficient and longer lasting than other non-electric heating sources. They also lower the risk of fires which makes them a great choice for families with children and/or pets because they can be used without having to worry about dangerous mishaps. And lastly, they don’t use fossil fuels so you won’t have to worry about any poisonous emissions or gas leaks that may occur from your traditional furnace during operation. 

Cons of Dyna Glo

The first con to owning a wood heater is that they are bulky and heavy which means you will have to dedicate some space in your home for storage. While this may not be much of a con for many people, if you live in a small apartment then it may mean that it has to stay outside until the season comes around again or else it will take up too much room inside your house.

The second con to owning a wood heater is that they require more maintenance than other heating units. You have to split and stack enough wood before using the unit so that it can burn for at least eight hours. If you don’t keep it well-stocked, then it will die down and not provide much heat.

The third con is safety. While wood heaters come with many safety features, they are still more likely to catch fire than other heating sources because they are powered by an open flame that can be extinguished if it gets out of control.

Nexgrill Overview

Nexigrill is a brand of grills made by Weber, a company specializing in making indoor and outdoor chimneys for houses and buildings. It is a great improvement on the old type of barbeques which do not have a working flame control system to mWhat Is NexGrill?

NexGrill is the parent company under which four different grill brands fall: NexGrill (the flagship brand), Lynx Grills, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet and Landmann USA . It seems fairly clear that this corporation has succeeded in its aim to establish itself as a “one-stop shop” for all outdoor patio needs, covering not just grills but also tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture.

The History of NexGrill

Founded in 2002 after a management buyout from the parent company Broil-Mate, NexGrill is headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan with its main distribution center located in Ancaster, Ontario. As the company has grown over the years to accommodate an increasing number of employees and products under its name, it seems that it hit a plateau in 2005 where it stands today. In 2007, NexGrill was acquired by one of Broil-Mate’s former competitors: Weber-Stephen Products Company . This merger bolsters both Weber’s and NexGrill’s reputations as companies committed to excellence while further solidifying their positions as industry leaders.

Today, NexGrill stands as one of the leading grill and patio furniture retailers in North America thanks to its wide selection and diverse product lines. The variety of brands it owns certainly doesn’t hurt either: Lynx grills and accessories , Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet (KOG) barbecue tools and KOG fireplace accessories , Landmann USA barbecues , Vita Craft Corp . garden furnishings , Sunlan Lighting Corp. lighting products , Highwood USA Inc high-quality teak wood outdoor furniture collections such as Abaco, Harbour Housewares (garden stools, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs), Acclaim Lighting solar path lights and Acclaim Patio Umbrellas.

NexGrill Grills

Nexgrill grills are a line of propane and natural gas-fueled outdoor barbecue grills that feature stainless steel construction and electronic ignition. Nexgrill is also the line used by Char-Broil, which has been family run since it was founded in 1918. The company’s headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio.

A wide range of Nexgrill grills features such as side burners, deep fryer baskets and ski ski wells make these units more than just standard outdoor grilling appliances. Other notable functions include porcelain covered cast iron cooking grids and infrared technology to cook food fast and evenly without having to turn it over. These functions work by heating the metal which in turn heats up the food.

Porcelain enamel grates are easy to clean and maintain, making Nexgrill grills very user friendly. A hinged lid makes it easier to access food during cooking without having to fumble around with a grill cover. Taking care of these grills is also simple since most models have an oil drain pan that’s easily removable for cleaning or replacement.

Nexgrill also offers different sizes of grills so you can choose one that suits your family size best, along with other options such as side burners, ski wells and storage trays. They are available at major retailers nationwide including Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Walmart. Visit for more information about Nexgrill grills, including recipes and tips to help your next barbecue be a success.

Types of Nexgrill Grills

NexGrill Electric – If you live off the grid and don’t want to mess with either propane tanks or hardwired electrical outlets, this series might be perfect for you. Like the previous models mentioned, these Nexgrills use infrared technology but instead of running on bottled propane, they must be plugged into a wall outlet (120 volts) to work properly . It should also be noted that the heating element isn’t located at the bottom but above the cooking surface.

NexGrill Infrared – This is another series of infrared powered grills which are designed for those who want to cook food quickly without worrying about flare-ups or hot spots . Perhaps its biggest selling point? These units don’t use gas, charcoal, wood or propane so it’s an ideal choice for people who live in condo units with HOA covenants which prohibit using any of these products. All Nexgrills in this line come with nonstick grids and some include wok rings as well . They also have removable drip trays so you can clean them up easier than other models on the market.

NexGrill Natural Gas – This is the only Nexgrill series which doesn’t use infrared technology. Instead, it uses either natural gas or propane and has a unique “indirect heat transfer” system that prevents meat from getting smoked while simultaneously cooking the internal food through the use of ceramic briquettes and lava rocks . It should be noted that these units can handle various types of food such as seafood, vegetables, poultry and meat thanks to their adjustable dampers which control air flow for proper temperature regulation at all times. What’s more, they also include side burners so you can fry foods such as fries without having to wait until your main dish is cooked.

NexGrill Gas – If you want a Nexgrill but don’t care about infrared technology or smoking food, this series is for you. Just like the natural gas grill, these units use propane or natural gas to heat up cooking grids which are located at the bottom of each unit. These models also come with side burners and some even have smoker boxes on the side to produce that smoky flavor that customers crave.

NexGrill Infrared Electric – This line uses infrared technology just like its other Nexgrill counterparts but instead of running on gas or electricity, it’s powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries which need to be plugged into wall outlets (110v) like your cellphone charger. Because of its small size, it can only handle thin cuts of meat such as chicken breasts since thicker items would overcook before being properly cooked.

NexGrill Stainless Steel – This model is the only full stainless steel Nexgrill on the market. Because of its frame, it can hold very thick cuts of meat as well as help retain heat so you don’t have to wait around for your food to cook . It also doesn’t have a side burner which should be expected since all other Nexgrills come with one so you’ll have to brown meats in a pan first before placing them inside this grill.

NexGrill Gas/Electric – If you want a Nexgrill with infrared technology but don’t care about propane or natural gas, this is the grill for you. While it’s not as powerful as the other series in the line, this unit is ideal for people who use their outdoor kitchen to cook food quickly but still want to impress dinner guests with its sleek design.

Pros and cons of Nexgrill

Pros of Nexgrill

The Nexgrill is a deluxe gas grill that operates like the traditional Big Green Egg. It has many features that make it superior to other units on the market today. The appliance was developed after extensive research and testing by an elite group of engineers who wanted to design the best outdoor cooker possible.

– Built with Quality Materials

The appliance is made out of cast aluminum, which means that it will last longer than less expensive grills sold in department stores. Aluminum is also lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand heavy use for many years. The cooking grate can be made from stainless steel, which ensures that it will not rust even after exposure to heat and moisture. The cooking grate is also porcelain coated so food won’t stick once the grill has been preheated.

– A Safe Cooking Environment

You can feel comfortable letting your children play near your Nexgrill because it utilizes the patented View-Only Lid System, a safety feature that allows you to monitor contents without having to open the hood of the grill. While this feature could be useful for impatient cooks, one of its biggest benefits lies in its ability to prevent children from being burned by hot grease or from accidentally touching exposed flames. In addition, this product was also designed with an electronic ignition switch instead of a flint starter system. The benefit of this feature is that it reduces the risk of starting a fire.

– Convenient Access to the Fire Box

The Nexgrill’s innovative side-mounted hinge allows you easy access to the fire box so you don’t have to move the grill too far every time you want to refill it with more charcoal or wood chips. Another great convenience offered by this feature is being able to easily dispose of ashes without making a mess. Since there are no external vents, excess smoke dissipates throughout your cookout area faster than other models on the market today. 

– Easy Transportability

The Nexgrill has four heavy-duty wheels on the bottom of its body, which make it easy to move if you choose to take it with you when camping or tailgating. The product weighs less than 150 pounds and is compact in size, making it simple to store in a contained space in your home or garage between uses. When you’re ready to use the grill again all you have to do is fold down the side hinges, remove any dust that may have accumulated inside during storage and add charcoal or wood chips before turning it on.

Cons of Nexgrill

– Heavy Weight

The Nexgrill grills are made of steel, which means they’re pretty solid and heavy when compared to other grills on the market that use aluminum or other lightweight metal materials in their construction. 

– Lack of Extra Features

The Nexgrill grills are pretty simple to use, which is nice for anyone who doesn’t want to have to spend time learning how to use their grill or be bothered with unnecessary tools that they’ll probably never end up using. These models don’t come equipped with removable grease trays, porcelain-coated cast iron grates, or even single burner ignition systems. Basic cleaning tools are all you get in the box when you order one of these products.

– Price

The Nexgrill brand name has been around for over ten years, but it’s still not that well-known when it comes to outdoor appliances. When you buy a Nexgrill grill, you’re not just paying for the cost of its metal body and stainless steel grates; you’re also paying extra in order to get the brand name recognition that comes along with it. You can find much cheaper gas grills on the market today, so don’t expect this grill to come cheap.

– Hard To Clean

The grills are designed with portability in mind, which means they have many small areas where food particles will tend to settle after cooking (like around the temperature controls). While most people won’t really pay much attention to these small spots that house dust or food debris, if you like your grill very clean, it can be a little bothersome to have to clean these small areas over and over again.

– Stainless Steel Gears

Stainless steel is great for use in most parts of the grill, but when it’s used on gears that are put under heavy strain during the cooking process, then you’ll often find yourself with quite a bit of wear after just a few uses. The Nexgrill grills use stainless steel gears throughout their internal assemblies, which means that they’re going to eventually break down or become loose as you continue to cook your food each time out. 

Dyna Glo vs NexGrill: Main Comparison

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Material

NexGrill has manufactured its grill with some high grade 304 stainless steel so that it lasts for many years to come. On the other hand, Dyna Glo has used highly durable cast iron on the burners and porcelain enameled steel on all other parts of the grill components including grill plates and shelves. It is also coated with aluminized materials which give more strength and durability to this product. So we can say that Dyna Glo has used some high quality material in manufacturing its product.

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Cooking Temperature And Performance

The cooking temperature is the most essential factor which determines the performance of a grill. As per our research, we found that when compared to Dyna Glo NXG-890B Gas Grill, NexGrill has better heating capacity which makes it more efficient than other grills available in the market today. It delivers 24000 BTU’s of perfect searing heat which is enough for grilling purposes and can meet all your requirements throughout the year. On the other hand, Dyna Glo DGE Series NG 3 Burner Liquid Propane Outdoor Grill works at 16000 BTU’s but this feature varies from model to model. So we can say that NexGrill has better heating performance.

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Weight

The weight of the grill is also an essential factor especially if you are taking this equipment for camping or any outdoor use. So based on our research, we found that NexGrill NXG-890B Gas Grill (when compared to Dyna Glo DGE Series NG 3 Burner Liquid Propane Outdoor Grill) is lighter in weight which makes it easy to carry and transport. The weight of this product varies from model to model along with size and features provided by different companies like Dyna Glo. But when you compare all these models together, you will find that most models of NexGrill are lighter as compared to other grills.

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Price

The price of the products is also an essential factor which needs to be compared before making your final decision. Based on our research, we found that Dyna Glo has a better price range as compared to NexGrill. But the prices may vary from model to model and availability of different features in both, grills manufactured by these companies. So overall, we can say that Dyna Glo provides a good price for its users while NexGrill is not affordable for all customers out there because it is expensive than other brands.

Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Warranty

As per our research, we came to know that both Dyna Glo (when compared to NexGrill) and NexGrill (when compared to Dyna Glo) provide good warranty on their products.

Typical products of Dyna Glo and Nexgrill

Nexgrill 720-0898

The Nexgrill 720-0898 is a 36,000 BTU stainless steel natural gas grill on a cart. It comes with four main burner tubes and one wavy side burner tube for a total of five cooking zones. The front right zone has an infrared rotisserie burner built in to the top of the tube so you can add your own spit assembly for roasting chicken or other meats on it. All burners are electronic ignition with infinite control valves giving this grill very high marks for quality.

Brand: Nexgrill

Material: Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron

Color: Black

Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 58.11 x 24.41 x 46.57 inches

Item Weight: 101.42 Pounds

Dyna Glo DGE Series

One of the best propane gas grill from Dyna-Glo is a series called Dyna Glo. It comes with a stainless steel lid and body so it will definitely not rust easily. This means that you don’t have to worry about your grill being damaged by harsh weathers, especially rain. That’s why this is one of the most durable grills available in its class today.

This series has 3 models namely DGE530BSP-D, DGE540BSP-D, and DGE570BSP-D. All these models are very similar to each other except for some features like the racks they offer or their BTUs ratings (which is at 29,000 BTU for the DGE570BSP-D). All of these models have a built-in thermometer so you can monitor your cooking temperature easily.

This series also boasts its stainless steel rod cooking grids that are made off high quality materials which means that it’s not going to rust or break easily. You can cook anything in this grill from steaks, pork chops, burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts and even fish if you want to! The cool thing about having a propane gas grill is that it will quickly heat up (approximately 15 minutes) compared to charcoal grills (30 minutes to one hour before it’s reached the ideal heat).

The Dyna Glo DGE Series has side work tables to enable you to work on your food easily without having to worry about where to put the plates or what to do with the seasoning.

Another feature that separates Dyna Glo DGE Series from other propane gas grills out there today are its attached side shelves.

I also like how each grill has its own thermometer built in so you can monitor your cooking temperature closely instead of adjusting it every now and then. You can also store all your cooking utensils in the side shelves as well.

Lastly, Dyna Glo offers a 5-year warranty for all their products.

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After comparing the Dyna Glo and Nexgrill grills, it is clear that there are pros and cons to each. The best option for you will depend on your needs. If budget is a concern, then the Dyna Glo may be better suited for your lifestyle. However, if features are more important than price or convenience, then consider purchasing the Nexgrill grill so you can get the most out of your purchase in terms of cooking space and accessories. Dyna Glo vs Nexgrill: Regardless of which one you choose though, both options offer great quality at an affordable price point with many impressive reviews from satisfied customers who have owned them before!

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