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Top 5 Best Indoor Grills And Air Fryer Combo Reviews, Tips, and Guides in 2022

Choosing the right indoor grill and air fryer combo is not always an easy task. There are many different brands, styles and types to choose from that can make it difficult for customers to know what will work best in their home kitchen. 

The best indoor grills and air fryers combo are a great way to cook up some delicious food for your family. These appliances make cooking easier, while providing you with the flavors of outdoor grilling without having to go outside! With these innovative tools in your kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy tasty meals all year long. 

5 Best Indoor Grills And Air Fryers Combo
Top 5 Best Indoor Grills And Air Fryer Combo Reviews and Guides in 2022

If you’ve been looking for a pair of cooking appliances to make your life easier, then this blog post is perfect for you. I’ll go over the features and benefits of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo on the market today. 

After reading this blog post, you’ll be able to: 

-Make an educated decision about which appliance will work best in your kitchen space and cooking needs.

-Save time by not having to research both products separately.

-Have everything delivered right to your door!

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Top 5 Best Indoor Grills And Air Fryers Combo 2022

Looking for a way to make your favorite foods indoors? Check out our Best Indoor Grills And Air Fryer Combo 2022! This set includes some of the best indoor grills and air fryers on the market, making it perfect for anyone who wants to get their cooking on indoors. Whether you’re looking to grill up some burgers or fry up some chicken, this combo has got you covered.

1. BBday 6.5 QT Air Fryer, 10-in-1 Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill with Air Fryer, Roast, Bake and Dehydrate, 1660W, with LED Digital Display

BBday 6.5 QT Air Fryer is our top picks on the list of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo.

BBday is a 10-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill Combines with Air Fryer that lets you enjoy perfect grill and bake or roast both inside and outside on the hot plate. Our 515F Cyclonic Grilling Technology cooks your food evenly, more flavorsomely and tenderly while guaranteeing tasty dishes. Easy to use while saving cooking time with preset programs we’ve made.

This device is also equipped with smart cooking system, which offers you efficient heating when grilling food evenly in any partin side pot and food, making it tastier and more tender than what you have ever had before. Perfect for roast chicken or hamburgers -beef in particular. It has a large capacity of 6.5QT that can cook dinner for your family or even lunch for tomorrow’s work meeting party which will save you up to 25% on food expenses! Perhaps it is time to get off the side and gravitate towards this revolutionary indoor.


– Cook food without oil, butter, or grease! 

– Make your favorite foods healthier. 

– Save time and money with cooking. 

– You can roast, grill, fry and more with one appliance. 

– Cook like a professional chef in your own kitchen.


– This air fryer cooks food more quickly and accurately than a stove or an oven.

The food has a crispy outside with soft and juicy meat inside.

The size is just right for standard family and it’s easy to clean

This BBDAY cooker is very easy to use and can also cook bacon, potatoes or other foods.

This grill cooks the food quickly and you just put the cooking parts in the dishwasher and they come out clean.


This device is noisy and takes up a lot of space

It does not set the baking time

2. Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 with 4-Quart Air Fryer Roast Bake Dehydrate Broil and Leave-in Thermometer, with Extra Large Capacity, and a Stainless Steel Finish

The next name of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo is the Ninja Foodi Smart XL grill.

The Ninja Foodi Smart XL grill is your complete cooking solution. It sears, sizzles and crisps food with its 500F cyclonic air grilling technology combined with the deep char-grill every side to cook food the way you like it. The roast inside out inside feature allows you to put any flavoring on the surface of meat or poultry, then seal in that flavor as they cook evenly, beautifully and effortlessly right on your countertop. The sturdy stainless-steel grill heats up quickly leaving you with perfect results every time. Deep fry your favorite vegetables or cook an egg dish with just a push of a button!

The crispier-than-ever roast bake for succulent meat is finally here. Fall in love with this even crisper, juicier roast bake which guarantees the best taste ever when cooking beef at home unlike any other oven system. Pumpkin pie never tasted so good until now after using this upgrade to traditional air fryer technology; get real crispy crusts while retaining.

The smart cooking system cooks every side of meat even so you’re left with delicious, tender entrees without guessing how long to cook each side for perfect results – just set the timer! And forget having pots boiling dry because there’s no pot on this grill!


– Cooks food evenly and consistently.

– Impressive cooking feats with a touch of a button.

– Grill up to 50% more food than before.

– Go beyond grilling with 5 additional cooking functions. 

– Unique Smoke Control System reduces smoke, keeping it out of the kitchen.

– Spend less time cooking and more time with your family.


– Air fry crisps with up to 75% less fat than deep frying (tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries)

The grill is cooking with a convection oven because it cooks food without grease splatter.

The grill is very easy to clean and takes less than a minute to put the grate and grease catcher in the dishwasher.

Large cooking surface so you can cook many things at once

– You’ll have a healthier lifestyle with less fat intake.


The preset temperature for the grill is a little off, so you’ll have to set it on your own.

This grill is quite heavyweight

3. Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, and Cyclonic Grilling Technology

It would be remiss if the list of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo no appearance of The Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill.

The Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer. Who doesn’t love crispy, juicy food? Cooking delicious meals has never been easier than with the Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 countertop grill! Featuring a new, hot air fryer technology alongside your favorite grilling methods for unsurpassed cooking results. Producing perfectly cooked food on the inside with char-grilled perfection all over – it’s an easy user experience that saves time and money at home or outside on your grill!

The Ninja Foodi Grill is perfect if you’re looking for an efficient grill that not only sears and grills your food, but also an air fryer to crisps things up. With 500 degrees heating on the cooking surface, 500-degree cyclonic airflow circulating around food, Surround Searing to both locks in juiciness and create char-grilled flavors, big enough for whole chickens or potatoes. No flimsy wire racks here! Chalkboard paint distresses with use giving this one-of-a-kind appliance character. Requires 4 hours to charge fully.

No flimsy wire racks here! Our unique Air Circulation Cooking System locks in juicing while Char Grilling creates fantastically charred marks and tastes – all without using heavy.

Here are great features to demonstrate the Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill deserves to be in the best indoor grills and air fryers combo.


– Get the taste of outdoor grilling without the hassle.

– Cook your dinner in less time than it would take to cook at home. 

– Cook food quickly and easily 

– Save money on gas, electricity, or charcoal 

– Grill food on a whim with no prep work or cleanup. 

– Enjoy delicious, juicy flavor that’s perfect for any occasion


This grill can do everything – it bakes, grills, roasts, dehydrates and air fries, even use it just to simply warm up food.

The cooking surface is easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about extra cleanup.

Large grill face, can bake 4 pieces of chicken breast at the same time.

The grill feels nice and solid, with a good thickness.

The grill is easy to use and heats up quickly.


This unit is big and heavy so it’s not for those with small spaces.

4. Ninja Foodi XL 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, BG500A

The Ninja Foodi XL Grill is the ultimate grill for delicious and healthy indoor cooking without all that messy smoke. With 500°F Cyclonic Grilling Technology, food sears like outdoor grills do with flavorful char marks and delectable flavors, but virtually no leftover smoke or burning smells. The 4 quart air fry crisper provides a way for you to cook your favorite foods guilt free with crispy fries in virtually any quantity! Get started today on an

With its extra-large capacity, the Ninja Foodi Grill XL oven is perfect for family-sized meals. With its cyclonic grill technology, this foodi grills with delicious char-grilled flavors that are virtually smoke-free and the perfect gift for any chef. The XL also features an air crisper drawer to make guilt free fries (up to 2 lbs.), a roast dish, dehydrating dish and baking dish. It has an intuitive dial controller with six preprogrammed settings – searing mode, sizzle mode, quick roast mode, slow roast mode or one of three bake modes; loin pork chops; turkey breast; lobster tails.

You’ll have plenty of space for big parties – up to 6 steaks or 24 hotdogs at a time! Plus, enjoy 5 different cooking options: Grill / Air Crisp / Bake / Roast/ Dehydrate and Serve piping hot dishes that are virtually smoke-free thanks to Smoke Control System technology.

If you plan to buy the best indoor grills and air fryers combo, you should consider this model as your final choice.


– Grill up to 6 steaks or 24 hotdogs. 

– 5-in-1 unit: grill, air crisp, bake, roast, dehydrate. 

– Grill family-sized meals and even more food than before with 500°F Cyclonic Grilling Technology.

– Smoke Control System for virtually smoke-free grilling. 

– Cook food faster and more evenly

– Enjoy the convenience of grilling year-round.


– Transform foods from frozen to char-grilled in 25 minutes.

– Save time on clean up with nonstick removable parts.

The clean-up for this product is very smooth and easy.

The grill is easy to use and you get perfect cooking results every time.

This grill preheats faster, it has a larger area to cook on


The product actually works well, but it is not quiet.

Keep reading to discover the best indoor grills and air fryer combo….

5. Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 with 4-Quart Air Fryer Roast Bake Dehydrate Broil and Leave-in Thermometer, with Extra Large Capacity, and a Stainless-Steel Finish

Ninja FG551 Indoor Grill Foodi Smart XL is considered as one of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo that you add to your choice.

Everyone loves a good char-grilled dish, and with the revolutionary Air Fryer Roasting and Indoor Grill combo on this extraordinary smart XL grill from Ninja Foodi, there is no need to suffer ill-cooked meals again. Get your meat juicy and succulent as it roasts in the air fryer oven while getting that characteristic char you crave right on the grill. The Smart System takes into account six different factors (including airflow) before recommending what to cook as well as how long it will take so your food comes out perfect every time!

This grill knows how to cook a steak or chicken breast with evenly distributed doneness inside and out. With the smart cook system, the meat will come out of ingredients at their perfect doneness every time. Take it all outdoors with the barbeque-friendly flat top grates that can be removed or swapped out depending on your next project—from paninis to pizza!

The Roast Grill unit is perfect for cooking beef, lamb, pork ribeye, or anything that needs a slow roast. Air Fryer can be used as a small oven with temperature control and has an adjustable rack.

The all-new Ninja number one 5551 Foodi Indoor Grill! It’s got everything you need from searing capabilities with 500F Cyclonic Grilling Technology to sizzling griddle space it doesn’t.

Let’s explore the great features below to see why this model is present in the best indoor grills and air fryers combo.


– Grill food to perfection with 75% less fat than deep frying (tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries).

– Air fry crisps up to 75% less fat than deep frying. 

– Grills up to 50% more food than the original Ninja Foodi Grill. 

– Cooks up to 6 steaks, 24 hot dogs, and more at the same time

– Get perfectly cooked food with just one touch of a button

– Enjoy delicious family meals with friends and family.


-Unique smoke control system the combination of recommended grilling practices, a temperature-controlled grill grate, splatter shield, and cool air zone reduces smoke.

-The grilling surface is easy to clean and it takes less than a minute.

-The settings make it easy to get the end result of a perfectly cooked steak, cooked sausage from frozen on grill setting & it took 1/2 the time.

-The product with a nice looks and great performance


-The preset for the thermometer is a little off.

-The cleaning the inside of the top of the lid is a little difficult.

Buying guide on the best indoor grills and air fryer combo

What is an indoor grill and air fryer combo?

The indoor grill and air fryer combo is an innovative tool that can be used to do some amazing things in the kitchen. It allows you to cook some delicious food at home without putting lots of time, money or effort into it.

As well as cooking food, the best indoor grills and air fryers combo doubles up as a small appliance that can be put away when not needed. This means you don’t have to leave large appliances permanently cluttering up your countertops, freeing up space for other items such as storage containers or bins.

The best indoor grills and air fryers combo will allow the user to easily switch between each function with just one button press and require little in terms of cleanup afterwards so you can get back to enjoying your food quickly.

The best indoor grills and air fryers combo is a highly versatile little appliance that’s capable of cooking a wide variety of foods. The main thing you want to look for when buying one is the size, as some smaller units aren’t able to accommodate larger items such as whole chickens or large steaks.

Here are just some examples of the types of food you can cook using the best indoor grills and air fryers combo:

Steak – there’s no doubt that grilling steak produces the best results, but not everyone has access to either an outdoor grill or a barbecue. An indoor grilling machine will help you enjoy a steak without needing a large outdoor space or starting a fire in your kitchen.

Burgers are another household favorite that can be hard to cook properly on an open grill. Although not getting that nice charred taste, the air fryer and indoor grill combo does an impressive job of cooking burger patties to juicy perfection within minutes.

Sausages – with an air fryer, sausages are cooked quickly so they’re pleasantly crispy on the outside while still being tender in the middle. They also take significantly less time than when grilling them over a traditional barbecue or open fire, meaning you can enjoy your meal sooner.

Chicken pieces (wings, thighs) – high fat content foods like chicken wings and thighs can be cooked quickly in an air fryer without the need for any oil.

Fish fillets (salmon, tilapia) – fish is another low-fat item that benefits from being cooked with the use of an air fryer. The machine provides a nice crispy texture over delicate types of fish while still leaving it juicy on the inside.

Why do we need to buy a best indoor grills and air fryers combo?

The fast and easy way to cook food is an electric grill. This grill can minimize the labor by cooking all types of meat and fish quickly. They are very helpful in avoiding the problems like, burning your hands or any kind of accidents that can easily happen by using normal oven grills or frying pans.

Also, you do not have to make a tedious dinner time as it will take only minutes to prepare your meal on this grill. In summer, it’s best for those who love outdoor parties but they cannot spend hours inside a kitchen cooking burgers and sausages. It uses less oil as compare to other conventional methods of cooking. So, anyone would want a best indoor grills and air fryers combo which is on sale at a good price with low power consumption.

You can easily clean them and put it back into the storage box after your use. It does not take much space on countertop, unlike outdoor grills. Outdoor grills are difficult to access as it will require long hours of maintenance tasks like cleaning up the dust particles after every use or sometimes requires oiling so that its working fine-tuned for everyday use. You cannot always carry an outdoor grill with yourself when you go camping sites, picnic spots etc. But indoor grill is very useful in such conditions. They will provide you good taste, and it will be fresh and tasty every time you get such kind of food items.

The best size of indoor grill is something which should be chosen carefully. People can choose different sized trays depending on their food item’s quantity for cooking in a single go. If the tray is smaller in size then it will take longer time in cooking all the items at a time rather than larger sized trays. So a person needs to make decision depending upon his requirements about how much quantities he wants to cook at a single time without any wastage of the food.

How can choose the best indoor grills and air fryers combo?

The first thing to do is know what are the features. These will help you choose, depending on your needs.

Once these criteria are established, it’s time to compare the products based on these features. You will have a list of all available models that fit your profile and then it’s up to you to decide which one best suit your expectations!

Here are some of the most important options you should consider when buying the best indoor grills and air fryers combo.

Power The first thing you need to do before deciding on any grill model is determining how much power you want it. By power we mean watts; typically most indoor grills feature between 200-1000 watts of power. It may sound like the higher the wattage, the better the grill is. However, it’s not that simple! The wattage should be considered in conjunction with other features since sometimes grills with low power can perform just as well as those with a higher power. For example, an indoor grill with 800 watts of power may work fast and efficiently but if its design isn’t agile or efficient, this model may not be the best one for you.

Features when purchasing your next the best indoor grills and air fryers combo, think about what type of cooking surface you need: ceramic plates, aluminum nonstick grids, or cast iron. Ceramic grilling surfaces are usually made from porcelain-enameled steel to help food cook evenly without sticking to the surface. It also helps keep your appliance looking brand new even after years of use. There are some models that feature a ceramic coating on top of metal grates while others have the ceramic surface on the bottom only. The choice is yours depending on whether you want to use it with an open flame or heat from below.

It’s also important to know how much space there is between the heating elements and your food. If your model has adjustable power, this will help you control how far away you keep your food without burning it. This is especially useful when cooking vegetables and fish which might get burnt if kept close to high heat. A removable grill tray can also be helpful in placing ingredients closer or further from the appliance depending on what you’re cooking and how well done you want your food to be. Another thing that comes in handy when planning to buy the best indoor grills and air fryers combo is to know whether it has stabilizing feet. If you want your appliance to be safe on the countertop without taking too much space, this feature will help keep your grill in place when in use.

Other features that are usually included in most models are nonstick surfaces for easy cleaning, indicator lights that let you know when the appliance is turned on or off, cooking timers, and removable grill trays. Keep these options in mind and don’t hesitate to ask any questions online or at the store about specific models!

Types of food you’ll prepare with your grills It’s important to consider what type of foods you think you’ll cook most often. If you’re a fan of meats and vegetables, any grill will most likely do. However, if you’re planning to use your indoor electric grill for fish and seafood, make sure the model has a metal rack or grids. This is because it will help you prevent food from sticking and let the steam out when cooking. If you like to prepare desserts, make sure your indoor grill comes with several temperature controls so that they don’t burn! Indoor grills are also ideal for preparing snacks such as cheese puffs, nachos, or even homemade falafel.

Temperature It’s important to know just how hot your indoor grill can get. There are some home appliances that have preset heat levels while others let you adjust it depending on what you’re cooking. Some models also have separate power levels for both the upper and lower heating elements. If you’re planning to grill vegetables or fish, make sure your model has a special rack that lets food cook without touching the hot surface underneath.

What is the difference between an indoor grill and air fryer combo?

Please consider these things carefully to be able to choose for yourself the most suitable product among the best indoor grills and air fryers combo.

The main difference is that of their working mechanism. An electric indoor grill works on the principle of conduction heat transfer, while the air fryer uses the convection method for cooking.

This means that the grill is like a pan or skillet, and has to be preheated. The air fryer on the other hand does not need preheating, as it cooks using already hot air. This means you can start cooking as soon as you turn it on and there’s no waiting time.

Both the indoor grills and air fryers occupy much less counter space than their full sized counterparts because of their compact sizes. Also, many models come with special features such as non-stick interiors for easy cleaning and auto shut off features for safety purposes. These are some benefits both types of appliances share in common. However, if you do not have too high expectations from an air fryer yet still want one, they are quite inexpensive.

 On the other hand, a high-quality grill can cost a bit more.

Here’s another critical difference between an air fryer and indoor grill, which is the cooking speed. Since air fryers cook using hot air from all sides instead of from below as with electric grills, they tend to be much faster in cooking your food items.

Air fryers are more suitable for people who prefer the healthiest method of cooking. Cooking your food using hot air with little or no added oil retains most of the nutrients present in natural ingredients used in the recipe cooked, making it an ideal choice for healthy eaters. Also, since you can cook just about anything with an electric indoor grill, there is no limitation on what types of food it can prepare unlike air fryers which have their limitations on what types of recipes they can handle.

The bottom line is that there is not much difference between an indoor grill and an air fryer if all you need to know is whether they are better than each other. However, if you want to know which one will suit your needs better, there are better means. For example, it is best to know the specific type and size of food you will be cooking most often and then follow that up with a careful study of both device types – air fryer vs grill – before deciding on which one to buy.

What are advantage and disadvantage of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo?

Advantage: Both indoor grill and air fryer combo can do half of each other’s job with the exception that electric oven is better for baking food while both grills are great for fast cooking process; besides, they are easy to use and clean up as well. 

Disadvantage: Grill is handy to make healthy meals however it requires more time than using an Air Fryer since it cooks slower. Air Fryer/Oven Combo will have a high cost of ownership though it takes less space. Well, I am interested in knowing about what makes people buy this product. It’s because the benefits of an air fryer are undisputed, easy to use and it is a healthy way to cook food as well. And with so many ways to regulate cooking time, temperature and even your desired level of crispness – you can have hot, tasty meals ready for your family in a little over half the time*of conventional cooking methods.

In most cases, customers who buy this product have limited space or don’t want to take up too much counter space. In addition, customers that really wanted something more than just a grill but was on a very tight budget all agreed that they would still most likely purchase the best indoor grills and air fryers combo before either purchasing an air fryer or oven separately.    We have to keep in mind that this type of buy is only for those people who want the best out of everything. If you are someone who has a small kitchen then the answer is no, you should not invest on something like this unless if you can afford it. For now, just stick with your traditional oven or grill since they are doing the job well.

The benefits of an air fryer are undisputed, easy to use and healthy way to cook food as well vs Electric Oven which has many benefits too but it requires more time than using an Air Fryer & Grill Combo. Also, the price of buying the best indoor grills and air fryers combo is high compared to purchasing separately but less compared to buying both separate appliances.

FAQs about best indoor grills and air fryers combo

What types of food can you cook on an indoor grill?

The grill is a fun and versatile appliance that can be used for many different types of food, such as steaks or hot dogs. It cooks your meal to perfection with the center still raw in some places while giving you great grilled flavor on top!

What to not put in an air fryer?

It is important to note that air fryers cannot cook the following foods: wet batter, broccoli cheese melts and rice.

Can I make popcorn in the air fryer?

Air fryers are great for making popcorn, but to get the best results you should know that there will be some slight differences in what ingredients and how much oil or butter (or both) go into your batch.

Can you put water in an air fryer to clean?

Most air fryers are made of nonstick material, so they’re resistant to scratches. The only time you should submerge your appliance is if the dishwasher won’t do it or for cleaning purposes don’t ruin an electric device by putting anything wet near its heating parts!

Can I use my indoor grill for everything?

The short answer: No. You cannot cook a hamburger on your indoor grill just as you would not bake a cake in the oven. Indoor grills are intended to help you with grilled items such as meats, poultry and vegetables – things that work well on an indoor grill pan or sauté pan will not necessarily brown properly when placed on an indoor grill.

How do I Store my Grill?

Dishwasher safe grills can usually be stacked on top of one another to conserve space, just be aware that some stacking methods are not meant for certain equipment. Non-dishwasher safe grill parts should be wrapped in a clean cloth or paper towel and enclosed in a plastic bag before being placed back into storage – this will keep out any residual food odors as well as dust.

Can I use my indoor grill on the same countertop with my stove?

Yes – however, you want to make sure there’s at least 12″ of clearance between your grill and stovetops to allow proper ventilation. Also, if you have recessed burners on your range top it would be most convenient to place your grill elsewhere (for example, right over the sink).

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After reviewing the options for best indoor grills and air fryers combo, you should have a good idea of what to look for in your next purchase. You may find that one of these is perfect for you or there are some features from each model that will work better in your home kitchen. There’s a lot to consider when making this decision so take time to carefully evaluate which grill has the things you need most before selecting one as your final choice.

To wrap up, we’ve given you a list of the best indoor grills and air fryers combo. Whether you want to grill meats or deep-fry vegetables, one of these will suit your needs. We hope this article has helped provide some clarity on which appliance is right for your cooking preferences!

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