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Who knows the difference between a BBQ and a smoker, or why you would even need to choose one over another? Maybe it’s time you find out. Yoder Vs Traeger: Which is Better?, provide insights into these matters in a side-by-side comparison of two great options for your outdoor cooking needs.

Yoder Vs Traeger: Which is Better?
Yoder Vs Traeger: Which is Better?

There are many different companies that manufacture wood pellet grills. Two of the most popular brands are Yoder and Traeger. One of the main differences between these two is price point, with Yoder being more affordable than Traeger. However, this does not mean that one grill is better than the other – they both have their pros and cons which will be discussed in this blog post. 

Which is better: Yoder or Traeger? These two brands represent the pinnacle of quality, precision and innovation in BBQ. Both companies offer a wide range of products to suit any customer’s needs and budget. For this blog post we will be comparing the most popular models from both brands – The Yoder 640 with pellet grill vs the Traeger Timberline 850.

Yoder vs Traeger? The decision on which brand is best for you may come down to personal preference, cooking style or even your available space, but once you decide it might be helpful to also consider price as these two are not exactly cheap!  This does not mean that either company offers an inferior product though.

Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills is a company that makes pellet grills. The first Traeger Grill was invented and designed by Traeger pellets grills were originally manufactured in Oregon but now are made in Texas, USA. Pellets come from wood, hornbeam and aspen and can be added to the grill without changing its taste. These wood pellets create different smoke textures depending on the type of wood they’ve been made of. It also doesn’t matter whether you burn them with or without water because these pellets don’t absorb liquids so they won’t affect the food tastes or quality either way.

Traeger is often associated with barbecue so it might seem odd that the company manufactures smart ovens that use iOS and Android apps to give you a second option of cooking besides barbecuing.

The Traeger Pellet grill is a pellet-fed BBQ smoker, oven and pizza oven in one. It features the same digital controls as other models on this list but can do a lot more than those bells and whistles suggest. The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you monitor your food from anywhere in the house so you know when to start grilling before people come over or when they’re leaving so you don’t keep them waiting at the door for too long. Using an iOS or Android device, you can also see how much wood pellets are left inside — whether they need replacing — and even start cooking.

The Traeger Pellet Grill comes with Smart Smoke Technology, an advanced feature that automatically ignites the grill whenever it senses high temperatures. This fire starter uses thermodynamics to make sure your pellet grills are hot enough for cooking without having to wait around for them to heat up. This model is also equipped with a Digital Elite Controller that lets you set the internal temperature of your grill precisely between 180°F and 500°F or set it to cook according to one of the three custom meat modes (Smoke, Medium, or Hot) each of which has its own preferred internal temperature ranging from 130°F through 250°F at increments of 10 degrees. The controller can be programmed using either the included meat probe or by buying a separate probe that can be inserted into the food to monitor its internal temperature.

To sear and grill foods, the Traeger Grills Pro Series grills use an industry-standard wok cooking technique: direct heat focused on one side of the grill surface. The flavor is imparted by dripping onto burners below which then distributes smoky flavor throughout the entire cooking area so every bite has the same exquisite taste as those first morsels off the grill. These grills also come with a special ash catcher for catching all those flavorful ashes so they don’t cause flareups or create any unnecessary smoke in your house.

Another useful feature found on this pellet smoker is its patented ash cleanout system (see video below for demonstration). If your barbecue is in need of a thorough cleaning all you have to do is open the grill’s ash drawer and dump out that old, caked-up residue. The Traeger then uses its patented Ash Cleanout system to blast any remaining ash through its internal exhaust system right out the bottom of the grill. This means no more having to deal with clogged vents or trying to get at hard-to-reach places where ash will build up.

Another useful feature for pellet grills is a removable grease pan under where the wood pellets are stored which collects all sorts of burnt grease from foods being cooked on it, protecting your cooktops from sticky drippings and making clean ups easy. This model also includes a front-mounted tool for scraping ash from the grill so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time eating.

Pros and cons of Traeger Grills


The Traeger Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is a good thing for people who want to smoke, grill, roast and sear food that tastes great. The first time you use it, you’re going to realize just how great this product works. It’s really easy to use and the results are amazing. You can smoke meat or fish or even ribs in it without any trouble at all.

The simplicity of the Traeger pellet smoker makes it very easy to use, as well as its ability to produce intense flavor with minimal work providing the right kind of heat levels so you don’t burn up your meal while getting the most out of your ingredients. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a pellet grill but haven’t got around to it yet, you can’t go wrong with the Traeger as it is only going to enhance your cooking and smoking skills.

Another great thing about this product is that there’s no hassle in setting up the grill for novice users as well as those who are more experienced and looking forward to taking their cooking skills on a different level. The smoker box and large temperature range allow even beginners to produce smoked meat which tastes like it has been cooked by experts without too much struggle on their part. It’s not just the older generation of people who love pellet grills but also millennial men and women who enjoy making scrumptious dishes using fresh ingredients from around the world, along with some barbecue sauce or seasoning depending on individual preference.

The Traeger grill is also very versatile and can be used to make conventional barbecue food like burgers, jerky and even small roast chickens. It’s not recommended for large chunks of meat as it will take too long to cook them properly but the Traeger is a great addition to your kitchen if you love cooking and smoking different kinds of dishes, especially vegetables and seafood.


The following are some of the cons of owning a Traeger grill:

– Very pricey – the price tag is on average $800, with some models going up to $1,000. That’s more than an average charcoal smoker!

– Unreliable temperature gauges – many people have complained about having to constantly monitor the temperature of thier Traegers because it will rise or fall very quickly without notice. Also, if left unattended for too long, there is no way to tell when the grill has reached the preset temperature.

– Gets dirty very easily – food and grease get stuck to the side and there is no easy way to remove them. If left in this state for too long, it will begin to smell like burnt grease and you will need to clean it thoroughly before using again.

– Flimsy construction – don’t expect these grills to last a long time because they were not made with the same quality as traditional charcoal smokers.

– Does not use real wood chips – Traeger claims that their grills use all natural cherry or hickory flavors; however, if you take a close look at what you are actually putting into your grill, you’ll find out that its mostly dust and sawdust.

– Not to be used in windy conditions – because Traeger uses an open flame, it is only recommended that you use the grill in moderate wind or windless conditions.

– Flavor inferior to traditional charcoal smokers – this should come as no surprise because the wood chips are not real wood and they are mixed with sawdust to make them easier to light. This means that you will get a much more authentic flavor when cooking over real wood in a charcoal smoker.

– Limited space – many people have complained about how little food you can actually fit on these grills at one time. Yes, your food will cook faster but its harder to prepare large quantities without running out of room.

Yoder Grills

Yoder Grills are manufactured by Yoder Smokers based out of Kansas in the USA . It was founded back in 1960 by Buddy & Rosemary Yoder after they saw a need for an affordable entry level offset smoker that still had the features found on larger units at a lower price point. Since then, Yoder Smoker’s have grown into one of the largest manufacturers making mid to high end models with multiple options including built in temperature gauges and external fuel access just to name a few. There units are ETL listed for added peace of mind and most come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Yoder Smokers is family owned and operated right in their hometown of Kansas and continue to produce high quality products and customer service even after Buddy’s recent passing at the age of 94. Yoders will stand behind their products offering a full warranty on their grills, smokers and accessories. They also offer customized options such as colors, cart cart options (caster wheels) and add-ons ( side shelves , tool hooks, etc).

Electric Series  – These models come preassembled in two versions;  YS640  &  YS480 . Both models have 8 cubic feet of cooking capacity with 2 oven like doors for easy access to meat using the upper rack and a flat top lid to hold the smoke stack, warming box and ash pan securely. The YS640 comes with an internal LED display adding extra flair plus adding a built in meat probe for easier monitoring of internal meat temps.

Yoder YS Series Gas Series  – These models come preassembled as well offering similar features as their electric cousins at a competitive price point starting under $800 . They also have 8 cubic feet of cooking capacity but start out slightly smaller by coming in at 2 doors on top and 1 door below measuring 22″x16″. These units are available in both LP gas or NG depending on your preference. With these options you can expect solid performance from all their gas models as they feature heavy duty grates, integrated temperature gauges, external fuel access and 4″ casters for easy mobility.

Only downside to these units is that they are not available in customized colors or cart options but if you are on a budget this isn’t too big of an issue. Yoder does make up for this with their higher end models which offer these perks at slightly more expensive price point.

Yoder YS-640  – This model is the largest model offered by Yoder Smokers starting off at about $1,800 . It comes fully assembled with 2 doors measuring 30″x16″ giving it 8 cubic feet of cooking capacity similar to gas series above. This unit comes standard with built in LED display within the lower door adding extra flair plus added benefit of a built in meat probe. The YS-640 also has heavy duty grates and exterior adds such as 4″ casters and ash pan to keep your surrounding clean. This unit is available only in the Yoder Signature Green color giving it a unique look different from all their other models.

Yoder YS-990  – For those wanting more out of their smoker , this model offers a larger cooking area at 12 cubic feet with a whopping 8 doors for easy access to your smoking goodies! This unit can handle 133 lbs of meat at one time where most units would fall short around 80 lbs or less. It is designed similar to gas series above which is fuelled by either NG or LP depending on your preference. As with all of Yoders units, it comes preassembled with heavy duty grates and exterior adds like 4″ casters (2 swivel & 2 fixed) for easy mobility. This unit is available in customized colors giving you options to choose from; black, grey, pink or yellow. This model starts at $3200  with the price rising quickly depending on what you want added to your unit like side shelves, tool hooks (brackets), etc.

Pricing – These units are mid-priced starting under $1,000 and going up from there based on size and add-ons.

Pros and cons of Yoder Grills

Pros of Yoder Grills

One of the most popular types of grills in America is a Yoder Grill. These types of grills are known for their stylish and modern design that can fit right into any backyard or patio. They use propane to cook and allow enough strength so you get good quality roasts, poultry, and fish every time.

If you’ve been searching around online looking at new grill options, then this article is for you. Today we will go over the pros and cons of owning one of these grills so you know if it’s really worth buying one or not:

Less Expensive Than Other Grills: The first top pro to owning a Yoder Grill is that they’re about 35% cheaper than other grills. They use propane to cook which is much cheaper than other types of grills like charcoal which you still need to buy the bag and lighter fluid for.

Durable: Another pro of owning a Yoder Grill is their durability. The steel components are very durable and will not rust, bend out of shape, or break even after years of usage.

Large Cooking Space: The large cooking space allows people with families or larger gatherings the chance to cook more food in one go so they don’t have to spend time cooking in batches.

Less Heat Exhaustion Than Charcoal Grills: When using your grill over an extended amount of time you might start getting sunburned and overheated which is common with charcoal grills. A Yoder Grill uses propane which emits less heat and doesn’t cause sunburn or excessive sweating when cooking over a long period of time.

Great Customer Service: If you run into any problems with your Yoder Grill, then their customer service department will always be sure to help you out and answer any questions you might have about your grill.

Easy To Assemble: Many people have stated that it can take up to 8 hours for them to assemble a large grill they purchased from the store so they were pretty annoyed by the whole process. However, a Yoder Grill comes in two major pieces so assembling it takes only a couple of hours max.

Attractive Design: Most people like how these types of grills come in a sleek and modern design that can fit into any backyard or patio. They are pretty to look at, functional, and make cooking much easier.

Safe To Use: Safety is very important when you have your grill so it’s nice knowing they don’t emit harmful fumes from the propane gas as compared to charcoal which can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Easy To Clean: In general, Yoder Grills are very easy to clean just by spraying some water on them and wiping them down with a towel after each use. This allows for less time cleaning up afterwards which makes the whole process more efficient and faster.

They Save You Money: Let’s face it, eating out can get expensive quickly so if you’re looking for a way to save money then Yoder Grills are the way to go. They use propane which is cheaper than charcoal and after cooking on them just one time you’ll see how much money they actually save you.

Conclusion: In conclusion, owning a Yoder Grill is more than worth your while. Their grills come at a lower price than other grill types and require far less maintenance in general so there isn’t much else to worry about when using one of these grills. It’s also nice knowing you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards because Yoder Grills are very easy to clean.

Cons of Yoder Grills

Yoder pellet grills are very popular among the BBQ/Smoking community.  However, being so popular comes with its cons. Here is a list of pros and cons (in my opinion) that one could expect when owning or using a Yoder Pellet Grill.

Not all pellets are created equally; different brands may produce more ash than others, causing food to flavor differently.  Even the same brand of pellets may act differently depending on how old they are (due to oxidation). Storing your food in foil can cause it to lose moisture over time, resulting in less flavorful results. Using water pans can reduce air flow/heat penetration into your food you’re cooking, resulting in longer cook times and less even results . Temperatures can be hard to maintain, due to a lack of a built-in temperature gauge. Cook times may vary wildly from the manufacturer’s advertised times , even when preheated for an hour . Units can rust or develop other issues after several years of use.

Welds on some units get too hot and melt, resulting in dangerous situations (refer to this article ). Flavor bars can warp/migrate over time from heat exposure, causing food not to cook evenly. All the parts that come into contact with your food are not dishwasher safe , requiring more work on your part.

Manufacturer response is slow and/or nonexistent when dealing with defective units, requiring you to repair your unit if possible. Yoders are made in China. Pellet usage tends to be more expensive than charcoal/wood/gas grills, depending on what your needs are.

A weak-willed individual could expect these cons to outweigh the pros of owning a Yoder pellet grill. Any person with common sense would know that no product is perfect, and some people will have issues with their Yoder pellets grills.

This article was written by an experienced Yoder owner who has had nothing but great results from his offset box smoker. The author suggests that if you feel that this list of cons is still appealing, then go ahead and purchase one of these units for yourself! If you disagree with anything on this list or just to talk about your experiences/opinions, feel free to contact the author of this article.

Yoder Vs Traeger: How Are They Different?

– Pricing

Both models have a similar price range of around $2,000.

– Availability

The Yoder is available from select dealers. The availability can be found on their website or by calling them at 888-722-4867.

The Traeger is available in most states and many online retailers sell the unit. A list of authorized sellers can be found here:

– Yoder vs Traeger: Build Quality

Most reviews agree that both models have high quality builds and standard features.

– Temperature Control

Both models share similar temperature control system. However, the Traeger offers a better warranty on their digital controller.

– Yoder vs Traeger: Maintenance and Warranty

The majority of reviews indicate that both units are well built with reliable components. The Traeger has a longer warranty than the Yoder at 10 years versus 5.

– Smoking Performance

Reviews indicate that the Traeger is preferred for smoking performance due to the unit being well sealed and having a more consistent temperature.

– Yoder vs Traeger: Mobility

The Yoder model may be slightly more portable as it weighs less than the Traeger. Both units have similar mobility features such as folding tables and carrying handles.

– More Models Available

The Yoder has several different models available. The model can be changed to suit the user’s specific needs. The more expensive models use higher grade materials and have better features than the lower price models.

The Traeger also offers more then one model with each model being more advanced then the previous version.

– WI-Fi Connectivity

Both units offer internet connectivity through wi-fi and Bluetooth and apps for iOS and Android devices. However, only the Traeger has an integrated meat thermometer.

– Yoder vs Traeger: Grilling Capacity

The Traeger is slightly larger with a grilling area of around 800sq in compared to 600sq inches for the Yoder. 

In conclusion, most reviews indicate that both units are well built and have similar features and specifications with most favoring the smoking performance from the Yoder over the Traeger. Most agree that both models would be equally suitable as high-end home smokers or as a replacement grill for an outdoor kitchen setup with a nearby BBQ dealer available to service any warranty issues if needed. The two models can be found at most retailers selling pellet grills.

Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill


Capacity of side-mounted pellet hopper – 20 lb.

Temperature Range – 65-315 degree Celsius. (with 5º increments)

Cooking Grates – Chrome Plated

Construction – Steel powder coated

WiFi – Enable

Weight – 335 lbs.

Dimension – 61” L x 54” H x 36.24” D

Made in – USA

The new Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill is very impressive. For a pellet grill, it gives you all the features of a traditional smoker and it delivers great tasting food every time! It boasts many of the same features as its big brother, the YS1500, but at this price this model is definitely worth considering. The only major difference between the new Yoder YS 640 vs. other models? It uses a PID controller versus a digital controller. While that may sound like a small detail for most users, there are many benefits of using a PID control versus any old-fashioned mechanical dial controller including: precise temperature control which allows for better cooking over time without having to add wood chips every hour so (something that may be a drawback in some pellet smokers) and it is more accurate which makes for better tasting cooked meats.

The grill comes with a comprehensive 36 page owners manual, but the only thing you really need to know is how to turn it on, set your temperature and get cooking!

One of my favorite features about this model is the digital display. This gives you accurate readouts for both your grate temp (in 5 degree increments), food temp (in 2 degree increments), cook time (in 30 second increments) and the type of meat you are grilling (beef, pork, lamb etc.) I also like that there are two seperate probes; one for your grate/grill temp and one for your food. Also included in this model is a meat probe. This digital thermometer senses your food temp and will alert you when your desired temperature has been reached.

The Traeger Timberline 850

Total cooking space – 850 sq. in.

Total weight – 213 lbs

Pellet hopper capacity – 24 lbs

Max temperature – 500° F

Separating the Timberline from the pack is two things: price and pellet consumption. At a hefty $1,700, this thing will set you back a good chunk of change – but actually end up saving you money in the long run because it’s a great smoker/grill that can literally do everything – The fact that it does everything really separates this grill from all the other grills out there.

The Traeger Timberline 850 was designed with one purpose in mind- cooking as efficiently as possible without sacrificing taste or quality. In doing so, Traeger built a powerful grill with an advanced smoking wood pellet system to easily switch between different types of fuel depending on what you’re cooking. This means there are no longer any limits on what you can grill.

Let’s start with the Traeger pellet grills, which are by far the most popular of their grills out there. The Traeger Wood Pellet Grills are fueled by all-natural wood pellets, with a machine that fuels its fire using nothing but 100% pure hardwood. One main benefit to this is that it allows the Traegers to burn hotter and at higher temperatures without ‘flare up’ – which can result in less wasted fuel. It also doesn’t create any smoke or ash, so everything just tastes better!

Pros: Price, flexibility, powerful grill/smoker combo Cons: Heavy, hard to assemble

Summary: Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, and this is one of the best pellet grills I’ve had the pleasure of cooking on!

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Yoder Vs Traeger: Which is Better? This debate has been going on for years and people are still divided. In the end, it is up to you which grill company you choose.  What are your needs? Which one will be easier for you to use and maintain? If price is a concern, then Yoder might be a better choice with their lower prices. You can’t go wrong with either of these grills as they both have excellent reviews online from customers who have used them extensively. But before making your final decision on which grill to buy, take some time researching each model so that you know what features work best for your needs and lifestyle!

On the surface, both Yoder and Traeger seem like solid options for anyone looking to buy a new grill. But when you start digging deeper into their features, it’s not so clear-cut. The two grills are very different in design and purpose. Yoder vs Traeger? To help you decide which one is best suited for your needs, we did some research on what really matters when shopping for a gas grill – quality of materials used, ease of use/assembly time, durability of product over time (including warranty), ease of cleaning after cooking meat or vegetables with grease residue left behind on the grate surfaces…etc., how easy it is to change out propane tanks if needed without having to take apart the whole unit every time…

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