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Green Mountain Grills and Traeger grills have a lot to offer home cooks looking for styles, features, styles and affordability. We’ll walk you through how they differ so that you can choose the best grill for your needs.

Green Mountain Grills Vs Traeger: Which Is Better
Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Which Is Better?

Green Mountain Grills and Traeger are both leading brands in the grill industry. Many people would choose one over the other, but it is important to know which is best for your needs before making a purchase decision.

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Green Mountain Grills are more affordable than Traeger, but they don’t offer as many features as Traeger does. 

Traeger grills have a larger cooking area for larger quantities of food with their “large” models, whereas Green Mountain Grills has more compact sizes that allow you to cook more at once with less effort on your part.  The customer service experience can be different between these two companies too – Green Mountain Grill’s customer service seems to be better than that of Traeger.

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills is an American company that manufactures grills, smokers, accessories and more. They are the manufacturers of the popular Daniel Boone Pellet Smoker. As of 2014, Green Mountain Grills (GMG) has over 200 employees who work at its Springdale headquarters in Arkansas.

GMG was founded by a husband and wife team, a third generation waterfowl outfitter and a marketing executive. Together they formed Green Mountain Grills in 1996 with the aim of producing high quality outdoor cooking products which were both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. The company began operations from the founders’ garage in Norridgewock, Maine. In 2002, encouraged by their employees who had taken buy-out offers from competitors during the early 1990s recession, Jim and Paula Stanley decided to sell their business to their employees through an ESOP or Employee Stock Ownership Program. This allowed them to sell all shares of the company to its workers who later became part-owners of GMG.

At present, Jim Stanley serves as the Chairman of Green Mountain Grills which is now a 100% employee owned company. The majority of its shares are still in the hands of its employees although some have been sold to outside investors in order to finance expansion projects.

GMG products are available in many retail outlets in North America and Europe including US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France and Germany. The Daniel Boone pellet smoker has become one of their best sellers. It is an electric powered grill that uses small propane canisters for fuel and grilling meat such as chicken, pork chops and steaks. Other GMG top selling items include: 1) The 1818 Series Grill 2) Smoke Pucks 3) LumberJack 14″ Pellet Grill 4) LumberJack Competition Staff and 5) Jim Bowie pellet grill.

GMG’s products are known to be environmentally friendly especially the Daniel Boone which only needs wood pellets for fuel. The use of propane canisters is more eco-friendly compared with charcoal grills because they produce less carbon dioxide during combustion. GMG also recycles used oil from its cooking machines, uses paper that has not been treated with formaldehyde or other chemicals and offers recyclable packaging materials to its customers.

Traeger Grills

Originally from the Northwest, Traeger Grills was founded in Oregon by a pair of brothers named Greg and Jeff. Pioneers in outdoor cooking, they began selling their smokers back in 2007 and have been cranking out award-winning devices ever since. Today they’ve got a cult following among backyard grillers who swear by these remarkable machines.

How is it that the Traeger brand has developed such a fiercely loyal following? It’s not just the reliable performance of these grills; it’s also about their long track record for customer service and (occasionally overzealous) technical support. At BBQGuys we’re all about our customers which is why we carry several different models on our website. But what type of grill would be best for you?

The original Traeger was a horizontal offset smoker that weighed between 60 and 120 pounds. At the time of this writing there are several different models available with up to six racks, 2×4 or 3×4 grates, and cooking capacities ranging from 500 degrees all the way up to 3000! Other features unique to these smokers include an optional upgrade of 18 gauge steel or 900 degree ceramic coating on the outside. They also come with a barbeque grill cover so you’re always ready for your next cookout even if it’s just in your backyard.

Newer versions of the Traeger line include digital controls with LED readouts for precise heat control. These models offer increased capacity-per-rack over their older counterparts as well as a built-in smoke feature which uses wood pellets to infuse your meat with authentic smoky flavor. Their latest model, the Timberline 850 is also available in 4 sizes and offers an optional PG (propane gauge) which enables the user to monitor the amount of propane left inside their tank from anywhere on earth!

No matter which Traeger you choose it will come complete with all the features you need to enjoy hours of succulent barbeque goodness. They offer models for both backyard enthusiasts and competition cooking, so no matter what type of grilling you’re into this grill can handle it. You can even turn smoker box sideways to use as a regular grill! Try that with another brand and see if they offer the same flexibility.

What are the differences between Green Mountain Grills and Traeger

When you start to compare the two brands, there’s a lot of similarities.

Both companies manufacture wood pellet grills that cook food consistently and with excellent results.  The quality of both brand’s products is without question.  Both brands also offer consumers high-end construction materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum which help create a durable long lasting grill.

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger? However, despite all these commonalities, each brand has its own unique features and characteristics:

– Cooking Method

Green Mountain Grills uses a Convection Technology cooking system – an approach that focuses on consistent air flow throughout the entire cooking area by using various types of convection fans. Green Mountain Grills brand has seven different convection models. On the other hand, Traeger uses an Infrared cooking method – a process where food is cooked with radiant heat waves which penetrates deep into the surface of meat creating flavorful results. Traeger offers four different pellet grill sizes.

– Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Fuel Usage

Green Mountain Grills uses pellet as fuel source while Traeger uses regular hardwood briquettes or pellets. However, there are some Traeger that use gas as cooking fuel source.

– Pricing

As of today, based on price listings at Amazon and Home Depot , this is how they compare: Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone $399 list price (as low as $199 at Home Depot ) Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie $449 list price (as low as $249 at Home Depot ) Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett $499 list price (as low as $399 at Home Depot )

Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker, Black, 14.5-Inch, One Size $$429.99 (Amazon) Traeger Lil Tex Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker, Black, 18.5-Inch, One Size $$529.99 (Amazon) Traeger Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker – Square Inch Cart: 980 sq in ( Amazon ) Traeger Pro Series 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker 1700 Watt – Stainless Steal, Black $689.99 (Amazon) Traeger Lil Tex Elite 26 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker, Black, 16-Inch , One Size $$449.99 (Amazon)

Traeger Pro Series 44 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker – Square Inch Cart: 1140 sq in $769.99 ( Amazon )

– Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Warranty Coverage

Green Mountain Grills offers 10 years of warranty coverage while Traeger offers 5 years on its pellet grills.  Traeger also covers the electrics for 2 years while GMG does not provide any warranty on electrical components of pellets grills.

– Grills Size

This is where Green Mountain Grill really shines with its wide range of pellet grills from the very small Davy Crockett up to the large Tailgater . As for Traeger, they only have three different sizes – Junior, Regular and Elite.  However, they can be expanded by adding a separate sear box which enables you to cook at higher temperatures – something what most manufacturers do not offer on their pellet grills. Yet another way how Green Mountain Grills outshine Traeger!

– Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Regional Availability

For a long time, Traeger is only available in the US.  However, they are now exporting to Canada . On the other hand, Green Mountain Grills are sold internationally specifically Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark.

– Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Other Features

I consider these two items as unique features for each company’s grills.  Traeger has its patented “Flavorizer Bars” which protects their grill from grease fires while GMG has its “Moist Maker Technology” that locks moisture into your food!

Top Green Mountain Grill Models

Green Mountain Davy Crockett

About this item

– Brand: Green Mountain Grills

– Color: Green

– Item Dimensions LxWxH: 29.92 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches

– Item Weight: 57.32 Pounds

– Model Name: DCWF

– Features Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature

– Includes a meat probe, peaked lid for rib racks, convenience tray

– Weighs 68 lbs. and folds to fits in nearly any trunk, making it the ultimate Tailgating Grill

– 110V or 12V with adapters for 3 power options

I was looking at the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill recently and came to the conclusion that this grill represents a very good value. It has some of the most affordable pellet smoker technology out there, with an electronic unit totaling over 500 degrees F – perfect for grilling!

This pellet grill is available now, and costs $499 (online price), which makes it one of the most affordable pellets smokers on the market.  I’ve used my fair share of different pellets smokers and it’s clear that this one is worth every penny.  500 degrees F is easily reached with this smoker, and will let you do anything from long slow cooks to high temperature searing/grilling (with great results).

The Davy Crockett is loaded with features, including a meat probe, built in thermometer (which works very well), a feeder tube for easy loading of pellets into the hopper, easily adjustable heat/emissivity controls, removable pellet tray for easy cleaning, and a super convenient dump pan to collect ash underneath the unit.

This grill offers an impressive amount of versatility as well as being easy to use. It can be easily converted to a charcoal grill without any modification.  It can also be adapted to burn coal, which is what I currently use it for.  You can also buy a solid steel firebox and use it as a small smoker.

There are some drawbacks with the Davy Crockett, including a lower cooking area than other models (at around 300 square inches) and a smaller amount of available pellets needed per cook (around 10 lbs).  Since Green Mountain Grills is one of the main manufacturers of pellets in America these days, they’re easy enough to find online or almost anywhere.

GMG Daniel Boone Prime WiFi/Stainless

About this item

– Brand: Green Mountain

– Color: Black

– Item Weight:71 Kilograms

– The most popular GMG Wi-Fi pellet grill.

– 110 AC, 17 lb fuel hopper, 468 sq. in. of cooking surface.

– 150 deg to 500 deg temp range, auto start. Two hood options: black and stainless steel.

– Wi-Fi Controller allows you to adjust the temps right from your smartphone.

The Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet grill is a high quality smoker, griller, and grill with an excellent set of features.  It has four main models: the DGB-900, DGB-700, DBP-450DIB, and the DBP-250DIB.

What are the pros?

It has a ton of great features, including 4-in-1 capability.  This allows for barbecuing, smoking, grilling, and baking. The grill uses high quality pellets that contain no fillers or sawdust.  The food produced by this grill is extremely flavorful with the smoky taste you would expect from being cooked over real hardwood fire. It comes in stainless steel to give it an attractive look that will match any kitchen décor. It’s also very well made so it’s sure to last for years to come.  You can tell its quality when you use it – everything works smoothly and there are no cheap components at all. Other pros include: High build quality.  Smooth, sturdy components. Great features for a value-priced grill: stainless steel grates, four in one capability, and a well engineered ash cleaner.

The cons?

Although it has great build quality overall, there are some cheap components included with the unit.  For example, it’s advertised as having a searing plate but many customers have found that the heating element gets in the way when cooking steaks or other items that would benefit from direct contact with a hot searing plate. There is also no side fire box to add wood chunks for added flavor when smoking meats over long periods of time. The ash canister design does not separate cleanly from its bracket so there is always a risk of spilling ash over the unit. It’s a good idea to attach a heat shield or other method of protection if you decide to use this grill on a wooden deck or other near-flammable surface. Some customers have found that the temperature gauge is not as accurate as they would expect from a grill in this price range – it seems to be off by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit at times, which does affect how your food will turn out.

The bottom line? The Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet smoker has great build quality and enough features to make it an excellent pick for those looking for an entry level smoker with high quality results.  It does have some cheap components and don’t forget it’s still subject to all the limitations imposed by cooking over an open flame, which means you may still have to experiment with your cooking times.  But if you’re looking for a grill that will give great results without spending a ton of money, it’s definitely worth checking out.

GMG Jim Bowie Prime WiFi/Stainless

About this item

– Brand: GmG

– Fuel Type: Wood

– Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19.69 x 16.54 x 10.24 inches

– Fits Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone GMG Pellet Grills

– Convert your GMG Pellet Grill into a wood-fired gourmet pizza oven

– Cook restaurant quality pizza in 2 to 4 minutes!

– Includes Pizza Stone

A friend of mine recently purchased the GMG Jim Bowie unit. After having used it for about a month, I thought that perhaps I could report on some of my experiences with this grill.

The grill is modeled after the Big Green Egg, but at 1/4 of the price. It does however have its differences, both pro and con.

Pros: Due to its lower cost than comparable Kamados (Big Green Egg), the Jim Bowie will be easier for folks on a budget to purchase or justify buying. Additionally, because it has slightly different dimensions than other Kamados, other brands’ accessories may not fit this model well without modification (example: Jumbo Joe). Other than these two differences however, it should behave almost identically to a Big Green Egg.

Cons: This is perhaps the biggest con for me about this grill. The top venting holes on this unit are not adjustable, and as such there is a “sweet spot” that you have to hit with the rotisserie basket in order to get proper airflow throughout the grill when using it. If you don’t hit this sweet spot, the heat will either be too high or too low. It’s difficult to find that sweet spot since they do not include any type of “heat indicator” (other than checking every 20 minutes or so). Additionally, once they stop producing these units (and I believe they still may be making them), there won’t be parts readily available should something break on it.

Over all I would say that this grill is worth the price. It will provide great results for folks who are not able to spend a lot of money on their first grill or for those who know they won’t be using it very often, as this would make a great secondary unit. While some folks still prefer the traditional look/feel/design of a Big Green Egg, others may prefer the Jim Bowie.

Top Traeger Grill Models

Traeger Tailgater

About this item

– Brand: Traeger

– Model Name: Tailgater 20

– Power Source: Electric and Woodburning

– Color: Black

– Item Weight: 62 Pounds

– Item Dimensions LxWxHL: 37 x 18 x 36 inches

– Fuel Type Electric

– NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste. The Ironwood 885 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control

– Precision temperature control: The Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a plus/minus 15 degree F temperature control to guarantee precision grilling

– Take your grill and your wood-fired BBQ wherever you go. Whether it’s your truck tailgate, the parking lot, out in the field or anywhere your travels take you, you’ll never have to leave your smoke behind.

– EZ fold legs, a grill capacity of 300 sq in., and a digital controller make grilling anywhere easier than ever.

As a tailgater, you may want to consider getting a Traegar grill. The Traeger is a well-built fully electric patio type grill with all the bells and whistles that make tailgating easier than ever before.

When it comes to cooking features, the options for this grill are not lacking in any way at all. Many people love just how many different types of food they can cook on it without running into trouble at all. It’s incredibly easy to use because it only has one basic temperature which you can easily adjust up or down depending on what kind of food you’re cooking and how hot you like your food cooked.

One of the best and most unique features about the Traeger is the digital controller it has that allows you to set a precise cooking temperature. You can then simply press start and let it do its thing while you go check on other things. It’s also easy to clean, because there are little trays right under where your food will be coming off that allow for any grease or juices to fall through grates below so they don’t get all over everything else.

In general this grill has been very well liked by many tailgaters who have tried using it in their own backyard or at a tailgate event before. Many people say they love how easy it is to use and how nicely it cooks their food without much supervision needed at all. There have been a few drawbacks about it, but not many considering how good it cooks and the great construction of the grill itself. As with anything you’ll want to make sure you get a cover for it as well so that it stays protected from rain, snow or just being left out in general if it’s something you’re going to be using year round.

Traeger Pro 575

About this item

– Brand: Traeger

– Model Name: Pro Series 575

– Power Source: Corded Electric

– Color: Bronze

– Item Weight: 124 Pounds

– Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27 x 41 x 53 inches

– Fuel Type: Wood, Charcoal

– NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste; The – Pro 575 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control

– CONNECTED HOME TECHNOLOGY: WiFIRE technology connects your grill to home WiFi and the Traeger app allows the user to control the grill from anywhere; Alexa technology allows you to do it all by voice

– VERSATILE BARBECUE COOKING: The Pro 575 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill; The Porcelain grill grates makes clean up a breeze

– THE MARKET LEADER IN PELLET GRILLS: The Traeger Pro Series is the best-selling pellet grill; The upgraded Pro 575 with D2 drivetrain starts quicker, heats up faster, and puts out better quality smoke

– BUILT FOR FAMILY COOKING: 575 sq in of grilling space that can accommodate twenty four burgers, five rib racks, or four chickens effortlessly; The built-in meat probe allows you to cook to perfection

The Pros and Cons of Traeger Pro 575

Pros: There are many positive comments from people who have been smoking on the Traeger Pro 575. One of the main reasons it has been favored is because of its simplicity. People like to spend more time with their families or friends and less time maintaining a grill, therefore this model makes it easier for them during the times they do use their grill.

Cons: The price is high especially when compared to other grills that may not be as good but at a cheaper price point. Other negatives include increased pellet consumption due to higher burner temperatures, loud fan noise and the need to babysit a unit that does not have a thermostat controller.

In summary, those who have been using Traeger models appear very satisfied with their grills and purchase it again when they needed another grill. If you are looking for a model that is easy to use, has good temperature control and high quality build, this might be the one for you!

Traeger Pro 780

About this item

– Brand: Traeger

– Model Name: Pro Series 780

– Power Source: Electric and Woodburning

– Color: Bronze

– Item Weight: 145 Pounds

– Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48.7 x 26.7 x 54.4 inches

– Fuel Type: Wood, Charcoal

– NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste; The Pro 780 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control

– CONNECTED HOME TECHNOLOGY: WiFIRE technology connects your grill to home WiFi and the Traeger app allows the user to control the grill from anywhere; Alexa technology allows you to do it all by voice

– VERSATILE BARBECUE COOKING: The Pro 780 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill; The Porcelain grill grates makes clean up a breeze

– THE MARKET LEADER IN PELLET GRILLS: The Traeger Pro Series is the best-selling pellet grill; The upgraded Pro 780 with D2 drivetrain starts quicker, heats up faster, and puts out better quality smoke

– BUILT FOR LARGE FAMILY COOKING: 780 sq in of grilling space that can accommodate thirty four burgers, six rib racks, or six chickens effortlessly; The built-in meat probe allows you to cook to perfection.

The Traeger Pro 780 is one of the most popular pellet grills available in the market today. This grill offers 2 unique features which include Smart grill technology and gas assisted ignition system. Unlike other grills, this model allows you to easily control cooking temperatures with the touch of a button. On top of that, it also ensures an automatic lighting procedure through its gas-assisted ignition system. Just like any other type of grill in the market, this unit too has both pros and cons attached to it. We will take you through some well-defined points about these two aspects in order for you to be able to make an informed decision based on your budget, preferences and needs.


As mentioned earlier, this particular model comes with the heat control facility with the help of its smart grill technology. This allows you to set and manage temperatures accordingly through an easy to use app that comes along with this model. Here you will be able to find all kinds of delicious recipes, frequently updated grilling tips and tricks, etc. Moreover, it also has a Wi-Fi facility which enables you to monitor your cooking remotely via your smartphone or tablet. The gas ignition system ensures convenient lighting which is very simple as well. Thus, cleaning up after grilling sessions also becomes incredibly easy with the help of automatic tools like grease removal system and drip tray catcher.


Like any other purchase decision in life, there are some pros and cons attached to using this particular model. One of the main con is its lack of inclusion in customer-friendly features like dishwasher compatibility, colors, etc. Hence this might not be a suitable choice for people who are willing to spend their bucks on these additional facilities. There have also been complaints about the grill’s lid which doesn’t seem to match up to the heat control feature. This ultimately results in uneven cooking which can annoy quite a few customers. As far as concerns go, there are very few negative points that come along with this model when compared to other options in the market today.

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Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger – Conclusion

The Green Mountain Grills Vs Traeger debate is one that has been raging for years, but which grill company reigns supreme? Both have their merits. They are both excellent grills with a long history of loyal customers who swear by the product they manufacture. At the end of the day it’s up to you as an individual to decide what features matter most and make your decision based on those factors alone. One of the most important factors in deciding which grill to buy is budget. Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger? If you are considering buying either of these grills, we hope this blog post has helped with your decision-making process.

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