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The Weber Spirit and the Spirit II are both fantastic grills, but deciding which one is best for you can be a little tough. So we’re going to tell you what each one has that may sway your decision! The type of fuel used, size of cooking area, number of burners and heat zones all play a part in choosing whether one will work better for you than the other. Here’s an overview so that this next barbecue season will have plenty of juicy steaks on the grill.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II: All What You Need to Make a Right Choice
Weber Spirit vs Spirit II: All What You Need to Make a Right Choice

Weber is one of the best-known brands in the world for barbecue grills. The company has been around since 1952, and their products are available in over 100 countries worldwide. Weber’s knowledge and experience show through with their quality workmanship, which is why they’ve become so popular among both professionals and amateur chefs alike. With so many different models to choose from, you may find yourself wondering what makes each one unique? If so, this blog post will help you better understand the differences between two of Weber’s most popular gas grills: The Spirit vs Spirit II. We’ll go into detail about what each grill offers as well as how it differs from its counterpart to help make your decision easier!

The Weber Spirit and the Spirit II are two of the most popular gas grills on the market today. It can be difficult to decide which one to buy, as they both offer a variety of benefits that may work for your needs. They’re both made by one of the best grill brands in America so you know you’ll get excellent quality no matter what you choose. 

So, what’s better? Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? Well, it depends on your needs and wants! Read this blog post to find out more about these two grills and how they compare to each other so that you can make an informed decision about which would be right for you.

What is a Weber Grill?

An overview of the most popular grill in North America.

In 1897, George Stephen invented the kettle grill that we know and love today. Invented in Illinois by George Stephen, this new grill was made from steel, had three legs and a handle on top which allowed it to be easily moved around. In 1952 the “Weber Kettle” was born and has continued to evolve ever since. Currently there are seven styles of weber grills each varying slightly depending on size and function: The Go-Anywhere (model# 26101001), One-Touch Silver (model#20000010) , One Touch Gold (model#21000100), Performer ( model #22160130 ), Spirit 700 ( model #23009032 ), Summit Charcoal Grill ( model #23316001 ) and the Summit Charcoal Grill Platinum ( model# 233160012 ). The most popular of these is the One-Touch Silver, followed closely by the Spirit 700.

Unfortunately there are some counterfeits being sold on places like eBay that have caused some problems for customers who unknowingly purchased fake grills. As a means to combat this problem, Weber has taken steps to protect their customers with a reassuring warranty program on all counterfiet grills “Weber products made in China carry a 1-year limited warranty” If your grill carries these markings it is more than likely authentic. These are helpful hints when trying to determine if you have purchased a fake Weber grill:

– The lid is often heavier than the base of the grill. This doesn’t apply to the Go-Anywhere, One-Touch Silver or Gold series grills.

– The legs are welded onto the body of the grill and not screwed on like fakes tend to be. (Again doesn’t apply to Go-Anywhere, One-Touch Silver or Gold series grills.)

– If you remove the legs there will be no cross bar underneath where they were connected to allow for storage inside your barbecue (doesn’t apply to One-Touch Platinum Series). And finally…4.(Most importantly!) There should be an EMBLEM with “Weber” written across it somewhere on your barbecue. If this emblem in missing, it is more than likely a fake.

If you have already purchased a fake grill the best thing to do would be to contact Weber directly and they will be happy to help you get taken care of under their warranty program.

Weber Spirit Grill Overview

The Weber Spirit Grill is a small portable charcoal grill that can be disassembled into its two separate pieces. It features two folding side tables to provide support for food, and an adjustable damper control on the lid so you can change how much air gets to the coals. It also has built in wheels for easy transportation, no need to lift or carry your heavy outdoor cooker around! At around $150 retail, it’s certainly not the cheapest grill out there but it does come with one year warranty.

Other than using charcoal, the only really thing this grill comes with is a single “contact grill” pan that can be placed on top of the coals.


-The assembly was very easy and took me under 5 minutes from opening the box to cooking with it. Just hook up the gas, screw in the legs, and unfold everything. No tools needed! The most complicated thing about assembling it is picking it up off the ground due to its weight (44 lbs). It’s not too heavy but definitely heavier than my last portable charcoal grill.

-It has a nice big area for cooking – 475 square inches of grilling space at 18 x 22 inches wide!  I’m sure this won’t be a problem for the majority of people.

-Having two side tables is great because it provides support to put your food on without having to hold it. Even though I only use one table, I like that they are there if I need them.  They can also be used as an extended surface for prepping food or cutting up ingredients during cooking time (though you may want to be careful about grease dripping into the coals).

-It’s got wheels! This makes it super easy to transport around my small patio and would probably be even easier with a truck or SUV. It could fit in the trunk of most cars even though there’s no way you’ll get it through a standard car door.

-The built-in lid damper is nice so you can adjust the airflow and control how much heat gets to your coals.

-A grill brush comes with the purchase so there’s no need to buy one separately.

-There’s a place on the bottom of the legs where they fold up so you can lay your grill down or store it upright against a wall. You could also put it in a corner if you had enough space.

-It has two large sturdy handles that don’t feel cheap at all and they’re pretty comfortable to hold onto too. The small tabs next to each handle are perfectly placed for your fingers especially when they’re hot (no burnt digits here).  The only drawback is that they make it difficult to grab an edge of something that’s sitting on top of the grill.

-I like that the gas hose attaches to the regulator through a spring coil rather than a screw or knuckle (they can break or come loose over time). It’s definitely more secure and simple to remove and attach which is great when you need to take your tank inside for storage.

-The grill grate has really nice large openings, almost 1 3/4 inches wide, but it also comes with two small grids (which will probably never be used) if you need smaller spaces to cook in. I’ll talk about this more in detail later.

-They give you a nice “starter pack” of accessories: one disposable aluminum water tray for catching drips and spills, replacement fiberglass seal (which I haven’t had to replace yet), and grill brush. The water tray does a good job of catching most if not all spills so you won’t have to worry about them getting anywhere near the coals and causing flare-ups.

-All in all, it’s a pretty sturdy and well-built unit with mostly metal components that should last for years under normal conditions.


-I’ve only had it for two months but already found some rust on the middle section of my grate where it’s connected to its side handles. It has no impact on how it cooks whatsoever but still something I wanted to note here.  It may or may not be a problem over time, I’ll try to update my review if/when it becomes one.

-The price is definitely on the high end of average for portable gas grills (250 bucks as of this writing). It’s still cheaper than some other brands and models but that doesn’t make any difference if you can’t justify the purchase.

-The button to start the flame is really sensitive and you can accidentally turn it on or off by bumping into either of the metal safety switches (the one near the floor connects/disconnects your tank from the grill). What I ended up doing was taking out the battery and enclosing them both inside an empty pen casing so it’s harder to move around (this also adds weight).

-There’s no thermometer on the lid which is a pretty big bummer for me personally. It seems like every other grill on the market has one, even some small portable ones. I don’t understand why manufacturers do this since it would make grilling so much easier and more efficient if you knew how hot your grill was getting.

-There’s no separate burner for warming, only a section of the grill grate with slightly smaller holes to place foods in for slowly cooking without smoke/heat. So if you want to warm up something that’s already been cooked, then you’ll end up having to cook it in two batches or move it around a lot and possibly overcook the rest of your food while waiting on this one.

Weber Spirit II Grill Overview

Weber Spirit II Grill Summary: The Weber Spirit II is a powerful gas grill for both novice and expert grillers. As far as price goes, it falls in the medium range. It has an electronic ignition system, which makes it much easier to start than other gas grills in its price range. Its side burner promotes cooking various dishes at once and also acts as a convenient way to cook sauces or boiling water.


 -Easier to start than most other grills in its price range, due to an electronic ignition.

-The versatility of having two burners; one larger one that can accommodate up to six burgers at once and another smaller one that provides 15,000 BTU for side dishes or sauces.

-The large cooking area of 429 square inches


-Incredibly difficult to clean, due to porcelain-enameled cast iron grates.

Recommendation: The Weber Spirit II is a solid grill that can be perfect for both novice and expert grillers alike. It has the power needed for searing steaks while also having enough space to cook multiple burgers at once. However, because of its difficulty in cleaning, it may not be ideal for those with little experience managing their time in the kitchen.

Summary : This gas grill offers superior cooking power in comparison to other models within its price range, though it does have drawbacks when it comes down to ease of use and maintainability.

The Spirit II Grill And The Spirit Grill compare

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? The models were compared using facts and information taken directly from the manufacturers’ product manuals where available, but dedicated research was also performed to provide consumers with more detailed facts about each grill’s specifications and performance capabilities.

Color & Design: Both grills are made of stainless steel which will not rust or corrode under most conditions, is very resistant to stains, scratches and dents, making it easy to clean, maintain and keep looking like new. However, stainless steel does require polishing on occasion to keep its shine. The Spirit II Grill has an elegant brushed finish, the Spirit Grill has a mirror-polished (or polished) stainless steel exterior.

Materials Used: The Spirit II Grill uses high quality 304# stainless steel components manufactured with heavy-duty solid metal frames that assure sturdy construction and durability for years of use without warping or cracking. Stainless steel is rust proof so it doesn’t need to be sand blasted prior to finishing like most stainless steel sheets are, which results in an increased production cost but also reduces waste by using all available material.

The Spirit Grill uses high quality 304# stainless steel components manufactured with heavy-duty solid metal frames that assure sturdy construction and durability for of use without warping or cracking. The Spirit Grill’s side shelves are made of aluminum and the cooking grates are made of chrome plated stainless steel.

Maximum BTU Rating: The Spirit II Grill delivers 20,800 BTUs per hour from its two burners which is about average for personal size gas grills. The Spirit Grill delivers 18,000 BTUs per hour from its single burner which is also about average for home use and light commercial use tabletop models.

Grills: Both come with a 45 degree angled lid that allows more room between your grill and the hood of your vehicle if you choose to transport it there (which may not be advisable as this may damage both the grill itself and your car). However, most owners prefer to keep their grill on the patio and only move it when necessary.

Ease of Use: Both gas grills have electronic ignition so you don’t need to bother with lighting a match, lighter fluid or starter cubes. Just push a button and your grill will be ready to use in less than five (5) minutes – great for those impromptu get-togethers that require an outdoor meal almost immediately. The Spirit II Grill has 2 burners which allow you to cook more foods at once if desired while the Spirit Grill has only 1 burner which means more time is needed between batches if cooking more than one item (e.g., burgers and hot dogs). If wanting to cook larger quantities quickly, we suggest purchasing a larger size grill (e.g., 3 or 4 burners).

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? Accessories: Both grills come with a built in rotisserie kit, two 12-1/2 inch cooking grates, 11-1/2 inch warming rack, drip pan system, 10 foot of high quality flexible hose plus all the hardware you’ll need for assembly. The Spirit II Grill has 50 accessories including pizza stone and baking sheet; pizza peel; juicer; skewers; disposable aluminum pie pans; grill brush; instant read digital thermometer; etc… The Spirit Grill has 40 accessories including pizza stone and baking sheet; pizza peel; juicer; skewers; electric knife sharpener ; salt & pepper shakers ; sandwich press ; garlic press ; griddle ; etc….

Price: The Spirit II Grill is $30 more than the Spirit Grill, but keep in mind that it has 50 accessories included while the Spirit Grill only has 40; and most grilling experts agree that you can never have too many grill tools and accessories.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? Warranty: Both grills come with a 1 year parts & labor warranty (an additional 2 years can be purchased at time of purchase for around $37) but we recommend also purchasing an extended 4-year onsite coverage plan from Home Depot for around $100 at the same time – this will cover any manufacturer defects or malfunctions including rust/corrosion if not properly maintained.

Is The Spirit II Better Than The Spirit?

Grills are one of the most important parts of a smoker. They can be used as a heat source or for cooking, but you need to have the right grill. The article will compare two popular grills from Char-Broil, called the Spirit II Grill and the original Spirit Grill.

The first differentiator between these two grills is their size and features. For example, the Spirit II has an extra shelf and handles that make it easier to move around than its predecessor. You also get a removable ashtray on this model instead of having to remove coals off your grill like you do with the old model. Lastly, since this is an infrared grill it heats up fast and usually stays hot throughout your BBQs.

The first grill does have one thing going for it. It has a smoker box on the side of the grill that you can use to put wood chips in and impart your food with a smoky flavor, but there is no lid or anything that will help hold in smoke like some spirit smokers do.

Next, let’s talk about how these grills cook and if they are actually good for smoking meat. We all know that infrared grills heat up quickly and stay hot throughout their cooking cycles, which makes them great for BBQing. The problem is it also burns through propane pretty quickly because its heating elements need to be hot enough to create this environment. A plus is that both of these models come with an electronic ignition button in case you don’t have a lighter on hand.

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? Finally, it’s up to you to decide which grill is better for your needs. Both are great grills, but the Spirit II does have some added features that make it better than its predecessor. As long as you know what you need when purchasing a grill and how much money you want to spend, there should be nothing stopping you from getting whichever model best helps achieve your BBQing dreams.

What is the best way to maintain your Weber Spirit grill after purchase

The Weber Spirit is a great grill, but you need to maintain it after purchase. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your new Weber Spirit Grill:

– Clean the grates often with a stiff stainless steel brush. Then use some cooking oil to keep them shiny and rust free. After each use, remove all the excess grease from the drip tray with paper towel or newspaper. You can clean it up more thoroughly once every month or so by removing burners and washing them in the sink with hot water and soap.

– Be sure to cover it when not in use – this will help protect the paint job.

– If any part of your grill is showing signs of rust, then remove the rust by sanding the surface.

– If you have small children, remove any parts of your grill that are sharp so they do not get cut up.

– If you are planning on storing your grill for a long period of time, then make sure to store it with antifreeze or WD40 in order to protect against rust. A good way to prepare your grill is to start slow cooking something low and slow without adding charcoal before leaving it stored away.

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Conclusion – Weber Spirit vs Spirit II?

Weber has two models of the Spirit, one with a gas grill and one without. You’ll need to decide if you want the convenience of using gas grilling or whether it would be better for your wallet in the long run to invest in charcoal. If money is tight, then we recommend that you go with the Weber Spirit II because there are no additional costs when buying this model compared to its counterpart. 

So, which one should you choose? Weber Spirit vs Spirit II? Both grills are great for different reasons. If you’re looking to get a grill that will last and is built with quality materials then we recommend going for the Weber Spirit II. On the other hand, if you want something that looks good and has some fun features like an electric starter then go for the Weber Spirit. No matter what your preference is, there’s no denying both of these grills have their place in any backyard BBQ cookout!

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