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The 12-inch Weber Q1200 Grill is perfect for grilling up burgers, hot dogs, and other grilled favorites to perfection. This quality grill includes stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area. Easy assembly with built in handle makes this ideal for backyard bbqs or tailgating at the game!

Q2200 users will find 190 square inch cooking space on easy to clean porcelain-enameled cast iron surface with nonstick coating to prevent food from sticking so cleaning efforts are minimal.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 – We Know the Difference
Weber Q1200 vs Q2200: We Know the Difference

Weber has been in the outdoor cooking business for over 100 years and they have a wide variety of grills to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a grill for your patio, deck or backyard, Weber has something that will fit your needs and budget. The Weber Q1200 and the Q2200 are two of the most popular charcoal grills for outdoor cooking. The decision to purchase one over another is a personal preference, but we know all there is to know about these grills – from their pros and cons to how they compare in size, features, performance, and price. Our blog post will break down everything you need to make an informed decision on which grill best suits your needs.

Presenting The Weber Grills

Weber was founded by George Stephen Sr, who started the business in 1898 to sell coal-burning backyard furnaces. The family background was Bohemian (now Czech) and Hungarian (Stephen immigrated to America at age 13), so it is no surprise that “Weber” sounds vaguely like “vurshtak,” the Yiddish word for someone from Central Europe. As an aside, not much later Steve began importing briquettes made of smidgens of wood treated with beef tallow because he couldn’t find enough pure hardwood lump charcoal for home use–and these little chunks of hardwood charcoal became the foundation of a burgeoning company whose name remains synonymous with grills and smokers to this day.

Here is how George Stephen described the genesis of the backyard grill: “One evening I’d finished dinner and was washing the dishes when I realized that we were still eating our meals outdoors, summer and winter…I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and get acquainted with charcoal…The first step was to take apart an old iron stove which had been discarded at one of my rental houses, break off all sharp edges and smooth out the inside surfaces.” So that’s what he did: he melted down scrap metal from his factory and fashioned it into a cylindrical steel box and mounted it over a couple of railroad ties. The first Weber kettle grill was born.

The company continued to grow through the 1950s, largely by building coal furnaces for homeowners and installing backyard charcoal grills right alongside them as part of the same installation job (the “Weber” name became an American household word as a result) . But what George Jr. really wanted to do was make grilling equipment; he had no interest in continuing with his father’s business of heaters and air-conditioning units. In those early years George had succeeded in getting his dad’s approval to build a few alloy steel kegs which held three times as much charcoal as the older galvanized tubs (see below right). But George Sr. wasn’t interested in producing grills, so these 50 or 100 units here and there sold mostly to personal friends who were business acquaintances.

Weber Q1200 Overview

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? The Weber Q1200 is a table top charcoal grill with a twin-cylinder gas ignition system. It has about the same size as the Weber Kettle (the classic model) but its cylindrical shape makes it look like an enlarged Coke can.

The cooking area is formed by two grates, one above the other; there’s also a pan for fish under them. The upper grate has four positions that regulate both height and distance to the fire. There are no wheels on this grill, nor any kind of feet or supports; you’re obliged to keep it flat all the time. A small side door allows access to ashes and embers without moving anything around; however removing burning coals from underneath isn’t very comfortable unless you place the grill on a “fire pit” or a pair of solid supports at least 20cm high.

The upper grate is supported by an adjustable steel rod that runs along the lateral axis, allowing for very precise height adjustment but you can’t move it around unless you remove it from its rail. There’s also a thermometer mounted into the lid that reads fairly precisely thanks to being protected from air currents by two metal plates on each side. A foldable plastic handle allows you to move and rotate the lid easily, even when hot; however I question its ability to last long with frequent use due to its thinness and relative fragility of one part in particular.

A small door under the fire bowl allows access to a pair of circular openings where the gas cylinders initiate the charcoal fire. The valves are very simple to use, which is great if you’re cooking for several people at once; however you need to remember that it’s preferable to wait until all coals are grey before placing your meat or fish onto the grill. Failure to do so may result in burned meat due to excess heat on one side of the upper grate.

The Weber Q 1200 was designed as a table top grill and as such some stability is sacrificed: you cannot adjust its feet at all, nor does it have wheels like other models from this manufacturer do (Q 1400 and 2000). This isn’t really a problem for most cases since there’s not much pressure distributed onto those thin metallic legs -which look more fragile than they actually are; but still, it’s something you should consider if you plan on moving the grill often.

The main feature of this model is a twin gas cylinder ignition system placed inside a small cylindrical compartment located at the bottom side of the fire bowl. A single press will start both burners which will gradually ignite your coals from below in about 15 minutes or so -you get a very nice view while waiting for that- and they’ll generate enough heat to cook for several hours. The installation itself was easy and quick thanks to an excellent instruction manual provided by Weber that includes clear pictures showing the exact steps required to assemble everything. Standard accessories include a specialized bag for transportation and a pair of long metal tongs whose ends have been bent inwards to keep your hands at a safe distance from the fire.

The wide range of accessories is also another important feature, including two different pan sizes for fish or vegetables plus three different tool sets: one with skewers, one with “two-prong forks” (we can’t really call them that way) and finally one set of metal tongs that I recommend using for everything else; since they come apart, you can extend each end individually to get more control over whatever you may be cooking without burning yourself all the time.

All things considered this grill made me think about some sort of mix between Kettles and Smokey Joe portable grills. It’s not as convenient as the former since it doesn’t have wheels for example, but looks more durable than the latter -at least in theory.

Pros of Weber Q1200

– The materials used to build the grill are high quality and durable.

– It is well-made and sturdy, which ensures that it will last a long time.

– Assembly takes about an hour or less and requires no special skills; all of the necessary tools are included in the package.

– The cooking area consists of 240 square inches, giving you plenty of room for preparing food for yourself and friends.

– This grill has two separate burners, allowing you to cook foods at different temperatures at once (this can be helpful if you’re preparing dishes that require different cooking times).

– An infrared rotisserie burner allows you to slowly roast meat without worrying about overcooking it or charring it in places.

– The grill is easy to clean and maintain.

– It does not take up a large amount of space, so it can be stored in a closet or garage when you’re not using it.

– This grill uses propane gas tanks rather than an electric connection to your home’s electrical supply, which means that you have much more freedom in the types of foods that you can prepare for yourself when grilling outside of your home.

Cons of Weber Q1200

– Raised rods on lid catch hair and fabric. Once caught, these items can get so tightly tangled up in the raised rods that it becomes impossible to remove them without removing the grates first. This makes it necessary to take off all cooking gear so you can get at these stuck pieces with tweezers or fingers only every once in awhile depending on how often you use your grill.

– Water pan area is too small for use with juices. The water tray on this grill must be full to work properly, so if you are using the juice from any meat you’ve cooked up in there, you can’t put any water in or else it will interfere with your grilling experience (because the actual grilling surface won’t get hot enough). This makes getting a nice caramelized crust on your meats difficult at times because they can end up steaming more than browning.

– The plastic door covering the propane tank opening tends to fall down into that area if not held up by your hand or something else (yep, that’s happened to me). It can be annoying having to hold it up for several minutes while trying to get the propane tank in there. Weber claims this is normal behavior, but I disagree. Also, if left too long without being held up, it could keep your safety lever from moving off of the PROPANE ONLY position which would prevent you from getting fuel out of your tank.

– The grates are thin and warp easily, which can cause items that fell into the grooves to get stuck under there hard enough that you risk warping the grate trying to pry it out. This is not a problem if you’re cooking something without any juices running off of it (so mostly veggies), but who wants to cook just vegetables? That’s why we buy grills! Also, when washing them in the sink with water and soap for easy cleanup after cooking, be extra careful or else you might scratch up your new toy before you even got to use it.

– The igniter is kind of finicky. Sometimes it takes several tries to get your grill going once you turn on the propane. I’ve had to turn off the tank, take off the lid, and re-attach the propane line several times before getting my Q1200 grilling. Not fun when your food is getting cold while you mess with this thing for 10 minutes trying to get it started.

– The grease canister is too easy to knock off of the grill while you’re cooking (and thus spills everywhere, making a mess of your countertops and whatever surface you’re trying to keep clean). Even though it has a lid that pops on, this isn’t enough to prevent steam from escaping or grease from spilling out when you remove its top for emptying purposes. This wouldn’t be an issue if the canister was designed more securely, but it’s too short/small to fit inside counter corners securely…so there’s no way around this problem other than placing it in front of a corner before firing up your Q1200.

Weber Q2200 Overview

The Weber Q2200, like most other gas grills (such as the Char-Broil Classic or Broil King Regal ), is made in China. However, when you look at the Weber website , it has a different name: the Weber Performer Deluxe . This particular model comes with two wheels on one side of the cart and four caster wheels on another. The cart itself is sturdy with all-welded metal construction that includes an enclosed storage compartment for your propane tank underneath. The cart also includes a removable plastic shelf for lower storage within easy reach.

Preassembled Latch Handles

Another nice feature is that this grill doesn’t come in parts like some grills out there–it’s fully assembled straight out of the box. Once you hook up your propane tank, it’s ready to go!

No Assembly Required

The burner is “infinitely” adjustable–meaning there are no low, medium or high settings like with less expensive grills; rather, you can fine-tune the heat with a knob that enables you to set the grill anywhere between 150 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This is pretty cool if you ask me; my last grill had only three settings (low, med and high) and I like having more control over how hot I want my grill. There’s also a second cooking rack on top for indirect grilling purposes. Also included: a searing grate for getting those nice black lines on steaks!

Preinstalled Cooking Grate

When you open the lid on this grill, you’ll notice an amazing thing: it’s made with porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates. This is key if you like to smoke meat (since it retains more smoke) and also ensures even heating of your food. I’ve found that many other grills under $100 tend to not include this type of material; but then again, they’re probably made of cheaper materials in general. The Weber Q2200 comes with a cooking grate that can be removed for easy cleanup purposes as well as two separate aluminum pans, both of which are easy to wash by hand or dishwasher–no scrubbing necessary.

Gas Grill Side Tables

One of the best things about this grill is that it comes with foldable side tables for storage purposes. Think about it: if you need to transport this thing, do you want to remove the propane tank each time? I sure wouldn’t–and that’s why these side tables are so nice and functional because you can just store them when they’re not in use. Also, since these grills aren’t exactly light (especially once you add a propane tank), the extra weight on either end really helps balance everything out during transportation.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? The Weber Q2200 also includes a tool caddy situated conveniently near your cooking grate so you always know where your tongs or spatula are when you need them.

Pros of Weber Q2200

– Easy to use

The Weber Q2200 is very easy to use and does not take much effort for people of all experience levels.

– Little cleaning needed

While grilling, the grease collects at the bottom and helps keep your grill clean as you cook – cleaning is simple and quick.

– Great temperature range

With a temperature range between 160-450 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly any food that can be placed on a grill can be cooked with ease using this option from Weber.

– Durable design

For those who like camping or taking their grills to outdoor parties, this model provides a great way to prepare meals away from home without worrying about damage during transportation or storage. The durable outer construction can handle a little abuse.

– Large cooking area

If you have a large family or often host gatherings for friends, the Weber Q2200 offers incredible grilling space – over 300 square inches to be exact. This gives plenty of room to cook for many people at once and reduces the need for multiple appliances.

– Great accessories included

  The package includes everything needed to start grilling as soon as possible out of the box including a grill cover, two grill plates/pans, and an instruction booklet with recipes. You don’t need any other items or additional purchases to take advantage of this grill’s full functionality.

– Affordable price tag

This is one of the more affordable options from Weber and it comes with all the features needed for cooking most types of food. It is quite affordable and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to experience great results.

Cons of Weber Q2200

 – Weber Q2200 does not have a light

This is one of the biggest cons that many customers mention when they are writing their reviews or comments about this propane grill. However, some people say that it is very easy to figure out how long it takes for your meat to cook so you can stay near the grill so you can turn the food on time. It might get annoying not being able to tell if your food has cooked enough though.

 – Poor construction materials will break easily

One common complaint that people have is that they were disappointed in how poorly constructed this Weber grill model was because parts broke off of them after just a few uses. This includes burners and also metal rods hold up the lid!

 – No wheels makes it hard to move

Many reviewers complain that they were disappointed in the fact that this propane gas grill has no wheels. It is not easy for people to move around, especially if you are planning on taking it camping or somewhere you want to enjoy your grilled food.

– Does not come with a warming rack which means no extra cooking space

This Weber grill does not come with a warming rack and many customers mentioned that this was one of their favorite features about grilling outdoors. People shared that they like how much more room they had to cook using the 2nd shelf and also liked how much easier it was to cook different kinds of food at once.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 Comparison

The Q1200 and the Q2200 are very similar grills. They have almost identical internal dimensions, and they both weigh around 70 pounds. But there are some differences, so let’s compare them.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? This is what comes with each grill:

Both of these grills come with a rotisserie kit that includes skewers for roasting chickens and large pieces of meat, along with a drip pan to prevent any fat from dripping into the bottom part of the grill where it would burn and create smoke. Additionally, Weber includes two small aluminum trays which allow you to add more wood if needed while cooking. The main difference here is that the Q2200 has a second set of wheels on it for easy movement.

Adjustable Height: The height of the grill grates on both the Q1200 and the Q2200 can be adjusted. But there is a major difference between them—the Q1200’s adjustment mechanism is much better, as it allows you to adjust all four legs at once by turning a knob, whereas the Q2200 has an inferior design which requires you to turn four individual screws with a wrench as opposed to one larger adjustment screw.

Cast Iron Grates: In my experience, this makes a big difference in maintaining low temperatures. Both grills have cast iron grates, but those on the Q2200 are smoother and seem to heat up faster than those on the Q1200. I always burn off pieces of food stuck onto my cast iron grates before I start a fire, and on the Q2200 this is especially important because it heats up quickly. On the Q1200, I would wait until my grill cooled down a little bit more to burn off food stuck to the grates, or else they tend to stick to the smooth surface of the cast iron.

Heat Shield: Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? Both grills have an adjustable heat shield—the purpose of which is obviously to protect you from getting burned as you check on your food. But there’s a difference between them—on the Q1200, even when fully extended downward (which is its lowest position), it doesn’t quite go all the way down and actually leaves about three inches above your grill grate where your meat will need protection from direct heat. The Q2200 has a much better design in this respect, as it fully extends to the bottom of your grate and is therefore much more useful for protecting you.

Top Rack: Both grills have top racks, so you can add additional wood when needed during cooking. But if you want to add wood chips while your grill is in use (for example, before adding food so they’ll smoke), then the Q1200’s top rack is easier to use—the top rack on the Q2200 doesn’t allow for quick insertion and removal like that of the Q1200.

Wheels: Both grills come with wheels, but the ones on the Q2200 are much larger and therefore more sturdy than those on the smaller Q1200. Additionally, there’s a second set of wheels attached to the Q2200 which make it easy to move from place to place, especially if you have a large grill.

Price: At the time of this article, the price for both grills is around $500, but it’s a good idea to check prices because they’re subject to change frequently. The main difference in price can be attributed to the larger size and additional wheels on the Q2200—you might find that these features are worth paying extra money for if you intend on moving your grill often or cooking at different locations other than at home.

Weight: Even though both of these grills are fairly lightweight, the Q2200 is much heavier—around 60 pounds to the Q1200’s 40 pounds. factor in the additional wheels on the Q2200 and you’re carrying around a lot more weight with that one. If you plan on moving your grill often, then this is something to keep in mind—if it’s too heavy for you to move easily, then you might want to consider whether or not portability is an important feature for you before making a purchase. But if you don’t plan on moving your grill often, then either one would work well at home as long as it isn’t placed somewhere where it can’t be moved easily if necessary.

Add-Ons: Some accessories can be purchased separately for both of these grills, including the smoker box, rotisserie kit, and cast iron grate with legs.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? Final Word: The Weber Q1200 is a great grill in its own right, but it is lacking some features that would make it perfect—you just have to decide for yourself whether or not you need them before making your purchase. And if you’re willing to pay extra money, then considering the Weber Q2200 might be worth your while because of its design advancements over the original model.

FAQs (Weber Q1200 vs Q2200)

How long does a Weber gas grill last?

It has been estimated from various sources, including those from Weber itself, that the typical life of a gas grill is 15 to 20 years. However, some manufacturers’ warranties are for as little as one year on grills and three years on burners. The first thing an owner should do when purchasing a grill is check the manufacturer’s warranty terms before buying.

Inspecting your own grill for wear-and-tear also helps determine its expected lifespan. If there are any signs of rust or corrosion it may be time to replace your current grill with a new model. Other indicators of failure include uneven heating across the cooking surface and difficulty lighting the grill.

How hot can a Weber grill get?

A weber grill is an outdoor barbecue which uses wood or charcoal to cook food. There are many types of weber grills, including ones for barbecuing and others for roasting and baking. The temperature of the weber grill depends on how it is used and what fuel source is used in it. Temperatures from 450 F to 700 F can be reached easily by a weber grill while cooking food. There are other factors that affect the temperature inside a weber grill such as wind speed, air flow into the cooker, room temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc…

How long does it take to heat up a Weber grill?

When utilising a Weber grill you should be sure to get it up to temperature before cooking any food on it. This is because the heat coming from the coals will heat the grill’s grate and this in turn will cook your food thoroughly and evenly, so if you place your meat or vegetables straight onto a cold grill surface they will not cook properly. While the process of heating up a Weber grill does vary depending on what kind of model you own; all models do need to reach high enough temperatures for searing and grilling to take place. Here we aim to answer common questions about how long it takes to get a Weber barbecue up to temperature:

–  How Long Does it Take To Heat Up A Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill?

It takes about 10-20 minutes for the grill to heat up using One Touch Gold charcoal. To increase the temperature simply add more fuel when necessary and keep an eye on your food in case it starts to burn.

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Weber grills are one of the most popular household items on sale today. There is a great deal about these products that you need to know before making your purchase, which includes what type of grill best fits with your needs and budget. Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? The Weber Q1200 is a great grill for the average homeowner, but if you are looking to cook more food at once or have multiple items cooking on your barbecue simultaneously, it may not be the best option. If that sounds like something you want in your backyard BBQ experience, then we recommend upgrading to the Weber Q2200. This model has twice as many burners and grates so all of your dinner guests can eat together without waiting for their turn!

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