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The Black Olive Pellet Grill Review is a pellet grill that you can use for your charcoal grilling needs. It has an even, consistent heat that lasts through the entire cooking process so you don’t have to worry about flareups and scorching places on your meat. Feel free to experiment with different types of wood chips as well. The unit uses power from a standard 110-volt outlet so there’s no need for any outside electrical hookup or additional setup required.

Black Olive pellet grill review
Black Olive pellet grill review 2021

Grilling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy food, but grills can be expensive and time consuming. One way around this is to use a pellet grill. Pellet grills are easy to use, cost less than traditional gas or charcoal grills, and require little maintenance. To find out more about these benefits and how they compare with other types of grills, read our black olive pellet grill review below!

The Black Olive Grill Company has been in operation since 2014. They offer high-quality products at competitive prices that provide an alternative cooking experience for outdoor enthusiasts who want a healthier lifestyle without compromising flavor or taste.

The Black Olive Pellet Grill is a well-designed grill that can be used for a variety of cooking techniques. It has a large grilling area and the ability to both smoke and sear foods. The pellet hopper is designed in such a way that it does not require much attention, meaning you can spend more time perfecting your food without worrying about feeding the fire. I recommend this grill for anyone looking to upgrade from gas or charcoal grills who wants an easy-to-use yet powerful machine!

Black Olive Pellet Grill

Black Olive Pellet Grills are available from companies such as Oklahoma-based Black Olive Grilling . At the time of publication, a unit is priced close to $700.

A Black Olive Pellet Grill is a grill that uses pellets to cook food. These types of grills are very popular in the United States, and for good reason. They provide great tasting food, with much less smoke than traditional charcoal or wood fired grills. The pellet grill has features such as auto ignition and adjustable heat control. It allows you to adjust the temperature from 180°F – 500°F (82°C – 260°C).

One can find many different types of pellet grills available on the market today from companies such as Traeger, Green Mountain Grills, Pit Boss Grills, Camp Chef, Dyna-Glo and Weber. Manufacturers have started making their own lineups based off of the original Traeger design. Black Olive is a small company that was started in 2012 with one product. However, as of this writing they now have five pellet grills on the market. They also make a smoker/grill combo, but their main focus is making great tasting food with less smoke and more flavor from pellets instead of wood chips or chunks.

Black Olive Grills are high end pellet grills that use a technique known as cold smoking to infuse food with a subtle natural flavor from wood pellets. Black Olive uses real hardwood pellets made from 100% natural tree sawdust and engineered by professionals for smoking meats. Their production facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and it’s where they custom blend each blend of pellets for each Black Olive grill. They ship their pellets in food grade foil bags that are nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness. The pellet grill can hold up to 12lbs (5.4kg) of the wood pellets at one time, which is enough for six hours or more.

Pros of Black Olive Pellet Grill

The Pros of Black Olive Pellet Grill are the benefits that buyers look for when purchasing this type of grill. You’ll find many different advantages in buying a pellet grill over its traditional counterparts, depending on the model you purchase and how it is used. To better understand these manifold pros, this article discusses them in more detail.

A big advantage to owning a pellet grill is the amount of money saved using less expensive woods compared to charcoal or propane gas grills. This can be seen by looking at our handcrafted smoker pellets made from 100% all-natural hardwood sawdust. These superior pellets cost just pennies per pound whereas premium grade charcoal briquettes have skyrocketed recently to over $5 per pound! Not only do the pellets last longer, they are also more energy efficient for cooking since you won’t need to use lighter fluid.

When it comes to pellet grills, heating your food with wood is by far superior to charcoal. While most charcoal grills produce temperature of up to 700°F (170°C), pellet smokers can reach a whopping 900°F (230°C). Pellets are made from dense sawdust and burn slower than traditional charcoals; this contributes to an even higher temperature range. Also, because the majority of the fuel is burnt off in the form of smoke rather than gas like with propane or natural gas grills, you get more added flavor without having to worry about flare-ups or catching your meat on fire. This allows for an extremely efficient cooking process that you can only find with pellet grills.

Unlike traditional charcoal and gas grills, a pellet grill has a completely enclosed system using a tightly sealed lid and top vent to trap heat and smoke inside the barbecue box. The result is juicier food that stays moist longer thanks to this natural convection cooking process going on inside the grill. Your meats will be infused with natural juices which remain locked in your food as it smokes low and slow inside the device’s smoking chamber. The best part is that wood pellets are 100% free of ash or any contaminants since they are just sawdust from trees! You can even use them in our smoker box for adding more smoky flavor.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, high performance pellet grill that’s designed to allow anyone to cook quality meat at home then you need the Black Olive Pellet Grill. It has a unique design that allows up to ten family-sized servings to be heated at once, perfect for large gatherings and barbecues! Just load it with our wood pellets and let the good times roll. Add more or less pellets depending on how many you are cooking for so your food cooks exactly how you want it every time! Our unique design also features a built-in grease catch pan underneath the main grilling rack so making clean up after meals is quick and easy, just pull out the metal tray by its handles and dump it out!

The Black Olive Pellet Grill is designed with a temperature dial to make cooking your food even easier. Get the right temperature every time after choosing what type of meat you want to grill: chicken, steak, pork chops or vegetables. It has a massive amount of fuel capacity and can cook for hours on end before needing more wood pellets; this helps keep cooking times consistent and stress-free! Our grill features an automatic start up button that ignites the coals within ten seconds saving you precious time when putting together your favorite foods. The smart technology also automatically shuts off the power if there’s ever such an issue as overheating, this makes this grilling machine extremely safe and easy to use so you don’t need to know how to light a fire when grilling. If you are looking for a product that is high performance yet easy-to-use then the Black Olive Pellet Grill is sure to become your best friend in the kitchen! 

Cons of Black Olive Pellet Grill

We would like to present some of the cons of pellet grills in this article. We hope these help you decide if these features are right for you and your family.

A lot depends on how much money you can spend. If price is not an issue, then we recommend that you get a higher end product such as a Green Mountain Grill or a Traeger grill because they will last longer and give you more control over temperature and food quality. However, if cost is an issue, then we suggest one of the less expensive brands like Smoke Hollow or Master Forge. The cheaper models will provide grilling options for those who don’t want all the bells and whistles found in the higher priced grills but still want professional grilled results at home.

List of Cons:

– Small capacity, not appropriate for large gatherings

– Temperature control difficult to manage for new grillers

– Difficult to clean after each use because ash collection is made under the burn pan instead of making a separate container that can be emptied after each grilling session. Also, many people complain about the legs being too flimsy and breaking off easily which leads to more ash on the ground or even fire hazard!

– Many consumers have complained that their pellet grill stopped working after just one or two uses.. this is obviously a major concern if you are planning on using your grill often during summer time parties and other occasions! For these reasons we strongly recommend you stick with the Big Green Egg ceramic grill if you are serious about grilling!

Black Olive Pellet Grill Features

The Black Olive Pellet Grill is perfect for those who are looking to take their culinary skills to the next level. A pellet grill enables you to cook anything from breads, meats, poultry, vegetables and much more with ease! The Black Olive has a ton of features that enable it to be the best pick on the market today!

– Temperature gauge

The built in temperature gauge at the top of the Black Olive Pellet Grill is a great feature that allows you to just sit back and relax while your food cooks! You can easily monitor the temperature inside without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

– Triple spring hinge

The triple spring hinge on the Black Olive Pellet Grill helps to ensure easy opening every time. This ensures that it will go up and down smoothly so you can get in and out quickly with no trouble. Feature 3: Steel side shelves.

The steel side shelves are adjustable which gives you more space for cooking. The side shelves have a maximum weight allowance of 50 pounds each, but when they’re not being used they fold right up and out of the way.

– Steel smoker cap

The steel smoker cap is fully adjustable and helps to control the temperature inside to give you a better cooking experience each time! Not only does it help control the temperature, but it also adds an element of style to this pellet grill.

– Wooden handle

The wooden handle on top opens up easily to give you access when your food is ready. It’s very simple and convenient to use and makes it easy for you to reach in and get whatever item you’re looking for without any trouble! The wooden handle itself has a ceramic finish that looks great with its stainless steel appearance.

– Pellet flame engine

The Black Olive Pellet Grill comes equipped with a high powered pellet flame engine. This allows you to cook with ease, without the hassle of heavy lifting or hard work! Pellets are available in a variety of flavors which make it easy for you to choose your favorite type.

– Ceramic shell design

The Black Olive is constructed with a ceramic shell design that not only looks great but also works efficiently to maintain heat and distribute it evenly throughout the grill. This ensures that each item is cooked just right every time, regardless of what it is!


Grilling area 19 3/8” (290 Sq In)

Maximum BTU 50,000 Btu (2 Hrs.)

Minimum BTU 2,000 Btu (40 Hrs.)

Searing time* 10 Min. (500o In 5 Min.)

Ignition time 2 Minutes

Grill temp max. 650of +

Hopper size 11 Lbs

Power required 115 Volts

How To Use Black Olive Pellet Grill

When you are grilling food on your new Black Olive Pellet Grill, there are a few specific things to know about the propane burner included with the grill. The burner has recently been redesigned and had some minor changes made. Below is a brief overview of how to use it best.

The first thing you should do when using your pellet grill is to clean off the grease pan. Use a paper towel or a sponge along with soapy water, and wipe the grease pan from side-to-side while also lifting up on the handle to allow any excess moisture to drain out of it. Once dry, reinsert the grease pan under the burner head and slide it back into place.

Next, you should add your Black Olive pellets to the hopper tray located at the bottom of your pellet grill. We recommend that you fill it about 3/4 full for best results when grilling, and always remember that if you’re running low on pellets in between cooking sessions, never fear: we carry a 12 lbs bag (containing about 57 individual servings) for $45.99 (plus shipping), and an 8 lbs bulk bag (containing about 40 individual servings) for $35.99 (plus shipping).

The last step in getting your grill ready is to find the control knob on your propane burner head. Turn it clockwise until you reach the singe burner setting, or 5500 BTU’s, which should be around 3/4 of the way up from the bottom. Set this “power level” before turning either of your spare burners to full power, or 10,000 BTU’s – whichever comes first! The reason for not using all three burners is that you will lose heat through the open spaces between them and won’t get a consistent cooking temperature across all of your grill grates.

We recommend only using the center burner during grilling: this way, you’ll avoid dropping briquettes or Black Olive pellets into the inside chimney (you can knock them loose, though!) from direct flame from those other two burners. More importantly, it’s just easier to control your cooking temperatures when you use just one burner! Now that you know how to operate your new propane burner, why not try out some recipes for grilled veggies? 

Black olive pellet grill troubleshooting

For those of you that are not particularly experienced with pellet smokers, there may come a time when your pellet smoker begins to malfunction. There are actually quite a few things that can go wrong with these cookers, so it’s important to know how to troubleshoot them properly. This article will deal with some common problems and their solutions.


Although smoking is supposed to be a slow process which doesn’t require much oversight on the part of the pitmaster, if everything isn’t done right it can easily turn into a raging inferno within minutes. The best way to prevent this from happening is good airflow. If your cooker is getting too hot you should check all seals around doors, firebox, etc. Verify that the fire is lit in your pellet smoker and add more if necessary. If you have a digital thermometer, check the temperature within the cooking chamber to verify that it’s not too hot.

There are cases when even despite proper airflow your pellet smoker heats up way too much. Usually this means there is some problem with the heating element itself not working properly or that some wiring isn’t working correctly causing it to overheat. It might also mean that there is something wrong with the thermostat not sensing correctly so it’s giving off full power all of the time, regardless of temperature inside the cooker. These problems require professional help – contact manufacturer for repairs if possible or if they can’t be done by them contact a pellet smoker repair company.


Not maintaining your pellet grill is the easiest way to make sure it doesn’t work properly, so cleanliness is very important. Pellets left inside for extended periods of time can clog the auger and firepot results in a constant feed issue among other problems. If you have a self-cleaning model this isn’t a big problem as long as you remember to use it from time to time – but even those have to be disassembled and cleaned occasionally or they will stop working altogether. In any case, look into proper cleaning procedures for your specific unit – most manufacturers provide this information on their websites.

Low Heat

If cooking at lower temps (below 275°F) you should be using a different type of pellets. Aside from being harder to ignite, these produce less heat and therefore will not cook the meat in the chamber properly. Either switch to a different pellet or stoke up the fire if it’s too low for what you’re cooking – this is why digital thermometers are so popular among pellet smokers owners as they allow them more control over temperature without having to constantly open up units during cooking.

What to do when you get your pellet grill?

– Do not use it for the first time straight away, let it run on low heat for at least one hour so that all metallic parts can expand equally and create a seal before turning up the heat. This will help prevent future issues with pellet leakage from happening.

– Make sure to clean it after every use. Again, ash collection is made under the burn pan instead of making a separate container that can be emptied after each grilling session so this will require extra effort from your side. Also, many people complain about the legs being too flimsy and breaking off easily which leads to more ash on the ground or even a fire hazard!

– Do not leave the grill unattended while it is on and always check to make sure that there is no leftover ash in the burn pot before grilling again. Remember that pellets produce more ash than wood so if you want to keep your grill clean, then we advise to use it sparingly or take advantage of our professional cleaning service which we offer to all customers at very affordable prices! See our pro cleaning page here:

– To get better control over your pellet grill’s temperature and smoke levels, invest in a good digital thermometer with heat probe for accurate readings. Also consider getting a smoker box accessory because this will help produce real wood smoke and enhance the flavor of your food!

– For a pellet grill that comes with a hefty price tag, make sure to get a model that has the most advanced features such as an oven-like design, precise temperature control, large cooking surface, etc. This way you will stand out from basic entry level grills and get more value for your money. In addition, look for models that come with popular add-ons like side shelves or stands which can increase the utility of using this appliance around your home.

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I think it’s safe to say that Black Olive Pellet Grill is one of the most innovative grills in recent years. Not only does this grill have a unique design, but they also offer many features and benefits for their customers. The best thing about these pellets is that you can cook anything on them without having to worry about flare-ups or burning your food. They are very easy to use because all you need to do is fill up the hopper with fuel, turn it on, set the cooking temperature, put your meat inside of the pellet smoker box (which will automatically help control air flow), close everything back up again and wait until you get an alert telling you when it’s time to take your.

Black Olive Pellet Grill can be an affordable and easy way to grill your food at home. The pellet grill’s design is sleek and modern, making it a great addition to any outdoor space or kitchen decor.

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